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Building to fill up your city is the most basic gameplay of FF15: A New Empire. Buildings not only let you unlock new features such as researching abilities or sending resources to your guildmates, but let you do basic things like train troops or create resources so you can keep building your empire.

Most buildings can be leveled up. Doing this requires various resources, just like building them does, and it will take a certain amount of time, depending on the building and the level of the upgrade. Many building upgrades have various requirements of other buildings at a certain level to be able to upgrade them, and no building can ever exceed the level of your Citadel.

Note that your building is limited by the building queue. By default this queue can only contain one building or upgrade, to get more you must pay for it with real money. To use your queue expansion item, you can either go into your inventory and use it from there, or tap on the lock icon that appears in your queue after you start building or upgrading something. This will let direct you to a menu specifically for upgrading your queue.

Buildings List

This is a list of all buildings present in the game for quick reference. Please see the individual pages for more information on each, such as construction and upgrade cost as well as time required.

Building Types

While the game itself doesn't do this, the buildings available can be divided into several rough categories.

The Citadel
As mentioned above, no building in your empire can exceed the level of the Citadel. Upgrading it is not important for this reason alone, as the level of the Citadel also determines other things such as what buildings are unlocked and how many troops total your empire can have.
See more: Citadel

The Protectors
Protector-type buildings determine how easy it is for enemy empires to get away with your stuff. The Wall and the traps built within it stop any would-be attacker from going straight for your troops (or worse - your vulnerable resources!) and the Vault protects a certain amount of resources from being taken if your attacker does get through your empire's defenses. In addition, the Watchtower lets you find out information about what other empires are doing to you, be they friend or enemy.
See more: Wall, Resource Vault, Watchtower

Resource Production
These buildings produce various resources and other things for your empire so you can keep on building. Aside from that, their number and level also determines the max amount of resources your empire can hold before you're unable to produce more.
See more: Farm, Mine, Quarry, Energy Extractor, Bank, Gold Mine, Treasury

Troop Management
These are the various buildings related to training and upkeep of your empire's troops.
See more: Training Grounds, Barracks, Special Training Grounds, Hospital, Hospital Ward

Aside from crafting with equipment and better materials, the buildings in this category also allow you to research (or 'craft') various abilities and upgrades to boost your empire.
See more: University, Secret University, Armory, Advanced Armory

Hero Management
The various hero-related buildings give you ways to manage your own hero as well as the captured heroes of others.
See more: Hero Monument, Proving Grounds, Memorial, Prison, Banishment Portal

Diplomacy & War
These buildings enable your empire to treat with any friendly empires in your guild in various ways.
See more: Embassy, Trading Post, Guild Hall


There are requirements not only for unlocking each building in the first place, but for upgrading them as well. The basic requirement of having a Citadel at the minimum the same level as the upgrade of another building that you're going for is not listed below. If any level only requires its corresponding Citadel level, that level isn't listed.

The Citadel and Protectors

Building Level Required
Citadel 1 (available by default)
2 (available for construction by default)
3 University lv1, Wall lv2
4 Training Grounds lv1, Wall lv3
5 Resource Vault lv4, Wall lv4
6 Hero Monument lv3, Watchtower lv5, Wall lv5
7 Embassy lv4, Hospital lv6, Wall lv6
8 ?
9 Training Grounds lv8, Trading Post lv5, Wall lv8
10 Hospital Ward lv5, Guild Hall lv6, Wall lv9
11 Armory lv6, Hero Monument lv10, Wall lv10
12 Embassy lv6, Resource Vault lv10, Wall lv11
13 Armory lv12, Watchtower lv10, Wall lv12
14 University lv13, Hospital Ward lv11, Wall lv13
15 Training Grounds lv14, Trading Post lv14, Wall lv14
16 Prison lv3, Guild Hall lv15, Wall lv15
17 University lv16, Watchtower lv16, Wall lv16
18 Embassy lv17, Hero Monument lv17, Wall lv17
Wall 1 (available by default)
2-3 (available for construction by default)
4-12 Equivalent level of Quarry
13 Barracks lv10
14 Barracks lv14
15 Quarry lv15, Armory lv15
16 Quarry lv16, Resource Vault lv16
17 Quarry lv17, Prison lv7
18 Quarry lv18, Prison lv13
Resource Vault 1 (available by default)
2-4 (available for construction by default)
6 Farm lv6
7 Energy Extractor lv7
8 Mine lv8
9 Quarry lv9
10 Bank lv10
11 Farm lv11
12 Energy Extractor lv12
(same pattern repeats)
Watchtower 1 (available by default)
2 (available for construction by default)
3 Wall lv3
4 Bank lv4
5 Wall lv5
6 Hospital Ward lv6
7-9 Equivalent level of Wall
10 Training Grounds lv10
11-13 Equivalent level of Wall
14 Training Grounds lv14
15-16 Equivalent level of Wall

Resource Production

Building Level Required
Farm 1 (available by default)
2-4 (available for construction by default)
5+ (Citadel only)
Mine 1 (available by default)
2-4 (available for construction by default)
5+ (Citadel only)
Quarry 1 (available by default)
2-4 (available for construction by default)
5+ (Citadel only)
Energy Extractor 1 (available by default)
2-4 (available for construction by default)
5+ (Citadel only)
Bank 1 (available by default)
2-3 (available for construction by default)
4-9 Equivalent level of Mine
10 Trading Post lv10
11 Mine lv11
12 Trading Post lv12
13-14 Equivalent level of Mine
15 Trading Post lv15
15-17 Equivalent level of Mine
18 Trading Post lv18
Gold Mine 1 Citadel lv1
Treasury 1 Citadel lv5
2 Spend at least 3.99 USD real money in the game
3 Spend at least 19.99 USD real money in the game
4 Spend at least 49.99 USD real money in the game

Troop Management

Building Level Required
Training Grounds 1 (available for construction by default)
2 (available for construction by default)
3-7 Equivalent level of Farm
8 Farm lv8, Hero Monument lv8
9 Farm lv9, Barracks lv9
10 Farm lv10
11 Farm lv11, Watchtower lv11
12 Farm lv12, Hero Monument lv12
13 Farm lv13, Barracks lv13
14 Farm lv14
15 Farm lv15, Watchtower lv15
(same pattern repeats)
Barracks 1 Citadel lv1, Training Grounds lv1
2-4, 6, 8, 10, … Equivalent level of Training Grounds
Special Training Grounds 1 ?
Hospital 1 (available by default)
2 (available for construction by default)
3 Training Grounds lv3
4 Energy Extractor lv4
5 Training Grounds lv5
6 Energy Extractor lv6
7 Hospital Ward lv4
8 Energy Extractor lv8
9 Training Grounds lv9
10 Energy Extractor lv10, Hospital Ward lv8
11 Hospital Ward lv10
12 Energy Extractor lv12, Hospital Ward lv12
13 Training Grounds lv13
14 Energy Extractor lv14
15 Hospital Ward lv14
Hospital Ward 1 Citadel lv1, Hospital lv1
2-3, 5, 7, 9, … Equivalent level of Hospital


Building Level Required
University 1 (available for construction by default)
2-3 (available for construction by default)
4-11 (Citadel only)
12 Trading Post lv12
13 Guild Hall lv13
14-15 (Citadel only)
16 Trading Post lv16
17 Guild Hall lv17
18-19 (Citadel only)
Secret University 1 ?
Armory 1 Citadel lv10
2 (available for construction by default)
3 Quarry lv3
4 Energy Extractor lv4
5 Mine lv5
6 Quarry lv6
7 Energy Extractor lv7
8 Mine lv8
(same pattern repeats)
Advanced Armory 1 ?

Hero Management

Building Level Required
Hero Monument 1 Citadel lv5
2-5 (available for construction by default)
6-11 Equivalent level of Bank
12 Farm lv12, Bank lv12
13 Bank lv13
14 Armory lv6, Bank lv14
15 Bank lv15
16 Farm lv16, Bank lv16
17 Bank lv17
Proving Grounds 1 (available by default)
2 Citadel lv15
Prison 1 Citadel lv15
2-13 (available for construction by default)
Memorial 1 (available for use at Citadel lv20)
Banishment Portal 1 Citadel lv20

Diplomacy & War

Building Level Required
Embassy 1 Citadel lv6
2-6 (available for construction by default)
7+ (Citadel only)
Trading Post 1 (available for use at Citadel lv8)
2-8 (available for construction by default)
9+ (Citadel only)
Guild Hall 1 Citadel lv9
2-9 (available for construction by default)
10, 12, 14, … Equivalent level of Embassy
11, 13, 15, … (Citadel only)

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