Black Crystals of Calamity

Black Crystals of Calamity (災いの黒水晶 [wazawai no kurosuishou]) was the very first event available in Final Fantasy Tactics S. It involved finding Dark Crystals for Evin's research, as entrances to a deep dungeon containing these crystals had appeared close to the three starting cities (of the Humes, the Viera and the Bangaa).

The event ran May 31st to June 10th, 2013.


The event quest consisted of the area Grotto of Darkness. Each time you'd complete exploring it on one rank, the rank boss would appear, after whose defeat you would have the same Grotto on your hands on the next rank. Rank of the Grotto was directly related to the level of the monsters in it.

Defeating monsters in the Grotto gave you Dark Crystals, 1-3 per defeat on the early levels, and you could get rewards both for gaining certain amounts of dark crystals as well as defeating certain bosses.


During this event, several event-specific Elixir packages were available from the cash shop.

Event Support Elixir - 100 coins - Elixir x1, Half Elixir x1
Event Support Set - 300 coins - Elixir x3, Half Elixir x3


Dark Crystals

You could gain rewards for collecting certain amounts of dark crystals during the event. These appeared to be the 'secondary' reward system of the event, but you could gain some powerful units for your deck by using up the Hero Tickets available as rewards.

10 Crystals - Elixir
20 Crystals - 300 gil
40 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket C x3
80 Crystals - Half Elixir
120 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket UC
160 Crystals - 400 Friend Points
200 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket R
250 Crystals - 1,000 gil
300 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket UC
350 Crystals - Elixir
400 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket C x3
500 Crystals - Half Elixir
600 Crystals - 3,000 gil
700 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket UC
800 Crystals - Half Elixir x3
900 Crystals - 800 Friend Points
1,000 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket R
1,200 Crystals - Half Elixir x3
1,400 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket UC x2
1,600 Crystals - 5,000 gil
1,800 Crystals - Half Elixir x3
2,000 Crystals - Hero Descent Ticket R (repeat every further 1,000 crystals collected)

Boss Defeats

You could also gain rewards by defeating the bosses at certain ranks of the Grotto of Darkness. The unit you received as a reward varied according to which of the three starting nations you did the battle in.

Rank 10 Boss Defeat Reward
Duchy of Yug Nard: Investigation Team Head Hadley (R Black Mage) / Blizzara
Spirit Country of Iisa: Explorer Mage Bussei (R Black Mage) / Thundara
Federation of Nazan: Ruins Researcher Zharema (R Black Mage) / Fira

Rank 20 Boss Defeat Reward
Duchy of Yug Nard: Frost Mage Brandon (SR Black Mage) / Blizzaga
Spirit Country of Iisa: Magnetized Mage Tartatan (SR Black Mage) / Thundaga
Federation of Nazan: Incandescent Mage Jaderde (SR Black Mage) / Firaga

Rank 30 Boss Defeat Reward
Peol of Sunlight (SR Geomancer) / Shining Flare

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