Bazaar of Grimoire of the Rift

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This is a (so far incomplete) list of everything that can be made in the bazaar in Grimoire of the Rift. The "x1" next to some items indicate that you only make one of the item, not infinite amounts, each time you put the required items up in the bazaar.

Apprentice Weapons

Rank E

Broadsword: Gikhet Lead, Faren Pollen

Arms of the Firelord

Rank D

Firewheel Rod: Fire Stone, Zinconium, Iron Carapace

Arms of the Icelord

Astrologer's Aid

Battle Gear

Battle-hardened Armor

Rank E

Chainmail: Clock Gear, Tanned Hide, Ladies' Tresses

Battle-tested Swords


Black-stained Armor

Bronze Armor

Rank E

Bronze Armor: Gikhet Lead, Cactus Fruit

Bulky Robes

Rank E

Silken Robe: Tarkov Crystal, Rabbit Pelt, Silk Thread

Colossal Sword

Rank E

Samson Sword: Cruzle Brass, Chocobo Skin, Nepenthis

Cursed Armor

Dog-eared Cards

Exotic Armor

Faded Caps

Rank E

Circlet: Fire Stone, Rabbit Pelt, Wool

Faerie Set

Fencing Foils

Rank E

Estoc: Earth Stone, Sanative Needle, Birch

Flash of Dawn

Rank E

Sun Blade: Soul Ceffyl, Cruzle Brass, Bomb Shell

Forgotten Firearms

Rank E

Omnis Cannon: Clock Gear, Iron Carapace, Cloudy Sap

Formidable Flora

Gift of Stone

Gilt Accessories

Grab Bag


Rank E

Cranequin: Wind Stone, Danbukwood, Ahriman Wing


Rank D

Ancient Sword: Sanative Needle, Pointed Horn, Spruce
Barong: Cruzle Brass, Animal Bone, Waltwood

Grime-Stained Gloves

Rank E

Metal Knuckles: Earth Stone, Zinconium, Wolf Pelt

Hallowed Arms

Rank D

Healing Staff: Holy Stone, Waltwood, Healing Water

Heavy Bows

Heavy Maces

Rank C

Druid Mace: Fire Stone, Zinconium, Whisperweed

Heavy Swords

Rank E

Falcion: Wind Stone, Zinconium, Rat Pelt
Predator: Earth Stone, Gikhet Lead, Wolf Pelt

Ill-tuned Instruments

Rank D

Glass Bell: Cruzle Brass, Skull, Moonwood

Rank E

Demon Bell: Gikhet Lead, Skull, Danbukwood

Iron Armor

Lethal Blades

Rank D

Ogun Blade: Water Stone, Xergis Tin, Gimble Stalk
Pearl Blade: Water Stone, Cruzle Brass, Zingu Pearl Shell

Rank E

Sweet Blade: Wind Stone, Gikhet Lead, Animal Bone

Light Blades

Maelstrom's Might

Magicked Protectives

Rank E+

Magus Robe: Tarkov Crystal, Tiny Mushrooms, Soft Cotton

Malodorous Bow

Mark of the Goddess

Mirrored Gear

Moldy Tomes

Mystic Arms

Night's Embrace

Ornamental Blades

Rank D

Fleuret: Sanative Needle, Molting, Fresh Water

Rank E

Stinger: Sanative Needle, Lamia Scale, Fresh Water

Ornamental Bows

Ornamental Spears

Rank E

Javelin: Xergis Tin, Animal Bone, Wool

Pugilist's Gear

Rimebound Gear

Roadworn Boots

Rust-stained Guns

Rank E

Aiot Gun: Wind Stone, Sanative Needle, Cloudy Sap

Rust-stained Helms

Sacred Arms

Sage's Bequest

Seal of the Templar

Sharp-edged Katana

Shattered Claws

Sign of the Guardian

Rank D

Defender: Wind Stone, Zinconium, Fury Fragments

Rank E

Armguards x1: Tarkov Crystal, Zinconium, Turtle Shell
Staff of Protection: Water Stone, Cruzle Brass, Coral Fragments

Silver Death

Silver-sheened Armor


Rank E

Kard: Gikhet Lead, Animal Bone, Cactus Fruit
Scramasax: Xergis Tin, Pointed Horn, Ball Moss

Solid Hammers

Rank D

War Hammer: Cruzle Brass, Cottonflue, Cloudy Sap

Rank E

Iron Hammer: Xergis Tin, Spruce, Fresh Water

Soot-stained Shields

Stealth Set

Rank E

Shadow Blade: Bat Tail, Molting, Large Feather

Steel of Living Flame

Rank D

Lava Spear: Fire Stone, Cruzle Brass, Animal Bone

Rank E

Venus Blade: Soul Ceffyl, Xergis Tin, Bomb Shell
Scarlet Rapier: Soul Ceffyl, Sanative Needle, Bomb Shell

Storm-forged Armaments

Strength of the Earth

Rank E

Huntsman's Bow: Earth Stone, Spruce, Aged Linen Thread

Sundry Sabers

Survival Set

Rank C

Survival Vest: Gun Gear, Tiger Hide, Power Fruit

Rank E

Jackknife: Gikhet Lead, Snake Skin, Tiny Mushrooms

Swords of Destruction

Tempting Fate

The Drowned

Rank E

Murasame: Water Stone, Xergis Tin, Healing Water

Thunder's Cry

Rank E

Atmos Blade: Soul Ceffyl, Gikhet Lead, Faren Pollen

Time-tested Rods

Turquoire Trappings

Rank E+

Blue Saber: Water Stone, Trusty Frying Pan, Fresh Water

Uncommon Poles

Uncommon Swords

Rank E

Buster Sword: Earth Stone, Xergis Tin, Crooked Fang

Unyielding Strength

Vermillion Vestments

Voice of the Wind

Whetted Axes

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