Assault! The Demon or River Lethe!?
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Assault! The Demon of River Lethe!? (強襲!レテ川の悪魔!? [kyoushuu! lethe-kawa no akuma!?]) is the fourth event of Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and third event of the Challenge type. It ran from 31.10.2014 to 11.11.2014, and included the events from Final Fantasy VI where the team had split up and the team including Terra Branford took a raft down River Lethe.


The stage of the event was the River Lethe. Each of the quest locations had 3-5 sub locations, simply titled with the general location name and a number tacked on. See more info on the Fire-powered Ship page.

River Lethe
Source of the River Lethe
River Lethe Upper Stream
River Lethe Upper Stream Junction
River Lethe Upper Stream Branch
River Lethe Midstream
River Lethe Midstream Junction
River Lethe Midstream Confluence
River Lethe Downstream Branch
River Lethe Downstream
Mouth of River Lethe


Clearing stages in the event gave various rewards. Below are listed the new items available from this event.


Brave Ring (VI)
Hyper Wrist (VI)


For the duration of the event, one new weapon received a boosted drop rate in the gacha. It was intended as the best weapons for the new character available from the event proper.

Enhance Sword (VI)

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