Ambition of Shinra and the Legend Reborn
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Ambition of Shinra and the Legend Reborn (神羅の野望と再誕せし伝説 [shinra no yabou to saitanseshi densetsu]) is the second event of Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and second event of the Challenge type. It ran from 10.10.2014 to 21.10.2014, and included the events from the Shinra Building from Final Fantasy VII when AVALANCE decided to storm the place close to the beginning of the game.


The stage of the event was the Shinra Building, and as fitting a building that size, it featured 14 quest locations, the most any single place had had before. Each of the quest locations had 3-5 sub locations, titled with the names of the various individual floors. See more info on the Shinra Building page.

Shinra Building
Shinra Building Floor 1-5
Shinra Building Floor 6-10
Shinra Building Floor 11-15
Shinra Building Floor 16-20
Shinra Building Floor 21-25
Shinra Building Floor 26-30
Shinra Building Floor 31-35
Shinra Building Floor 36-40
Shinra Building Floor 41-45
Shinra Building Floor 46-50
Shinra Building Floor 51-55
Shinra Building Floor 56-60
Shinra Building Floor 61-65
Shinra Building Floor 66-70


The event introduced two new characters, obtainable by beating various floors of the Shinra Building. It also rewarded various older equipment that the two new characters could wear, as well as one new type of weapon and one new type of accessory. Note that only the new additions are listed below.


Kazekiri (V) (katana)
Protect Ring (VII) (accessory)


For the duration of the event, two new weapons received a boosted drop rate in the gacha. They were intended as the best weapons for the two new characters available from the event proper.

Masamune (VII)
Grand Gloves (VII)

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