Achievements of FFX

Final Fantasy X, being an older game, didn't come with a list of achievements in the original versions. The only version of the game so far to include them has been the HD release for PS3 and Vita, in the form of trophies.

There are a total of 34 achievements in the game. They are listed in rough categories.


Story's Path
Pic Title Description Type
achievement_completion_ff10.png Completion Obtain all available trophies Platinum
achievement_speakingintongues_ff10.png Speaking in Tongues Find 1 Al Bhed Primer Bronze
achievement_teamwork_ff10.png Teamwork! Win a blitzball match Bronze
achievement_therightthing_ff10.png The Right Thing Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials Bronze
achievement_atalentforacquisition_ff10.png A Talent for Acquisition Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times Bronze
achievement_alltogether_ff10.png All Together All party members come together Bronze
achievement_heartstrings_ff10.png Heartstrings View the "Underwater Date" scene Bronze
achievement_showoff_ff10.png Show Off! Win a blitzball tournament Bronze
achievement_striker_ff10.png Striker Learn the Jecht shot Bronze
achievement_chocobolicense_ff10.png Chocobo License Pass all chocobo training Bronze
achievement_overcomingthepast_ff10.png Overcoming the Past Defeat Yunalesca Bronze
achievement_thedestinationofhatred_ff10.png The Destination of Hatred Defeat Seymour Omnis Bronze
Something to Challenge
Pic Title Description Type
achievement_lightningdancer_ff10.png Lightning Dancer Dodge 200 lightning strikes and obtain the reward Bronze
achievement_feelthepain_ff10.png Feel the Pain Obtain Anima Bronze
achievement_itsallaboutthemoney_ff10.png It's All About the Money Obtain Yojimbo Bronze
achievement_deltaattack_ff10.png Delta Attack! Obtain Magus Sisters Bronze
achievement_theaterenthusiast_ff10.png Theater Enthusiast Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater Bronze
achievement_chocoborider_ff10.png Chocobo Rider Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0 Bronze
achievement_powerstrike_ff10.png Power Strike Do 9,999 damage or more in a single attack Bronze
achievement_underthetable_ff10.png Under the Table Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes Bronze
achievement_messengerfromthepast_ff10.png Messenger from the Past Obtain all Jecht Spheres Bronze
achievement_megastrike_ff10.png Mega Strike Deal 99,999 damage with one attack Silver
achievement_chocobomaster_ff10.png Chocobo Master Get 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple and win the race Silver
achievement_spheremaster_ff10.png Sphere Master Complete a Sphere Grid for one character Silver
achievement_blitzballmaster_ff10.png Blitzball Master Unlock all slot reels Silver
achievement_learning_ff10.png Learning! Learn to use all enemy abilities Silver
achievement_summonmaster_ff10.png Summon Master Obtain all Aeons Silver
How it Ends
Pic Title Description Type
achievement_weaponmaster_ff10.png Weapon Master Obtain all Celestial Weapons Silver
achievement_masterlinguist_ff10.png Master Linguist Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers Gold
achievement_perfectspheremaster_ff10.png Perfect Sphere Master Complete the Sphere Grids for all main characters Gold
achievement_perseverance_ff10.png Perseverance Defeat Penance Gold
achievement_overcomingthenemesis_ff10.png Overcoming the Nemesis Defeat Nemesis Gold
achievement_theeternalcalm_ff10.png The Eternal Calm Defeat Yu Yevon Gold
achievement_ajourneyscatalyst_ff10.png A Journey's Catalyst View "Eternal Calm" Silver

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