Achievements of FFT0

Story Achievements

Title Condition Type
achievement_agitoachieved_fft0.png Agito Achieved Obtained all trophies. Platinum
achievement_enterclasszero_fft0.png Enter Class Zero Completed Chapter 1 "War - Three Hours that Changed the World" Bronze
achievement_shotsfired_fft0.png Shots Fired Completed Chapter 2 "Raise the Vermilion Banner" Bronze
achievement_expandingthetheater_fft0.png Expanding the Theater Completed Chapter 3 "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Bronze
achievement_afranticflight_fft0.png A Frantic Flight Completed Chapter 4 "The Last Queen's Return to Oblivion" Bronze
achievement_warofthewyverns_fft0.png War of the Wyverns Completed Chapter 5 "The First Battle of Judecca" Bronze
achievement_theforbiddensavior_fft0.png The Forbidden Savior Completed Chapter 6 "Terra Mortis - Khalia's Decision" Bronze
achievement_conclusiontocombat_fft0.png Conclusion to Combat Completed Chapter 7 "Fate of the Crystal - The Endless Battle" Silver
achievement_whatliesbeyond_fft0.png What Lies Beyond Completed Chapter 8 "Verdict - Finis" Gold

Special Goals

Title Condition Type
achievement_anarmyofone_fft0.png An Army of One Earned the "An Army of One" bonus Gold
achievement_alonelybattle_fft0.png A Lonely Battle Earned the "A Lonely Battle" bonus Silver
achievement_aselectfew_fft0.png A Select Few Earned the "A Select Few" bonus Bronze
achievement_perfectmarks_fft0.png Perfect Marks Earned an S-Rank on a mission Bronze
achievement_miraculousmission_fft0.png Miraculous Mission Completed a mission without allowing any casualties Silver

Magick Goals

Title Condition Type
achievement_mysteryofmagic_fft0.png Mystery of Magic Harvested 100 phantoma Bronze
achievement_secretofsouls_fft0.png Secret of Souls Harvested 500 phantoma Bronze
achievement_communingwiththegods_fft0.png Communing with the Gods Forged a covenant with an Eidolon Bronze
achievement_thebeastmaster_fft0.png The Beastmaster Forged covenants with 6 Eidolons Bronze

Battle Goals

Title Condition Type
achievement_skilledslayer_fft0.png Skilled Slayer Landed Killsight strikes on 20 enemies Bronze
achievement_theexecutioner_fft0.png The Executioner Landed Killsight strikes on 100 enemies Silver
achievement_asimpleskirmish_fft0.png A Simple Skirmish Defeated 100 enemies Bronze
achievement_afullscalewar_fft0.png A Full-Scale War Defeated 300 enemies Silver
achievement_thewhitetigerroars_fft0.png The White Tiger Roars Took down 20 imperial soldiers Bronze
achievement_tamingthewhitetiger_fft0.png Taming the White Tiger Took down 100 imperial soldiers Bronze
achievement_makemotherproud_fft0.png Make Mother Proud Completed an SO Bronze
achievement_roamingterror_fft0.png Roaming Terror Won an encounter in the overworld Bronze
achievement_thehuntedbecomesthehunter_fft0.png The Hunter Becomes the Hunter Won 50 encounters in the overworld. Bronze
achievement_totaldomination_fft0.png Total Domination Won a 5-battle chain encounter in the overworld Silver
achievement_emergencyevasion_fft0.png Emergency Evasion Dodged 500 enemy attacks Bronze
achievement_newrecruit_fft0.png New Recruit Cleared 3 missions Bronze
achievement_missionmaster_fft0.png Mission Master Cleared 15 missions Bronze
achievement_abovethelaw_fft0.png Above the Law Avoided the penalty for failing an SO Silver

Extra Goals

Title Condition Type
achievement_collectorofmemories_fft0.png Collector of Memories Collected 5 Knowing Tags Bronze
achievement_mortalvalidation_fft0.png Mortal Validation Collected 25 Knowing Tags Bronze
achievement_thearkofagito_fft0.png The Ark of Agito Acquired the airship Setzer Bronze
achievement_mastermarksman_fft0.png Master Marksman Shot down 50 enemies with the Setzer Bronze
achievement_rookiewrangler_fft0.png Rookie Wrangler Captured a chocobo Bronze
achievement_thechocobowhisperer_fft0.png The Chocobo Whisperer Captured 30 chocobos Silver
achievement_eggscitingdevelopment_fft0.png Eggs-citing Development Hatched 5 chocobos at the chocobo ranch Bronze
achievement_onebighappyflock_fft0.png One Big Happy Flock Hatched 100 chocobos at the chocobo ranch Silver
achievement_hardworksreward_fft0.png Hard Work's Reward Completed a secret training session Bronze
achievement_practicemakesperfect_fft0.png Practice Makes Perfect Defeated a total of 20 enemies in combat simulation sessions Bronze
achievement_practicepaysoff_fft0.png Practice Pays Off Defeated a total of 100 enemies in combat simulation sessions Bronze
achievement_thegreatliberator_fft0.png The Great Liberator Liberated and visited all cities in the Dominion of Rubrum Bronze
achievement_teacherspet_fft0.png Teacher's pet Sat in on one of Moglin's lectures Bronze
achievement_mooglemingler_fft0.png Moogle Mingler Talked with the moogles from all thirteen classes Bronze
achievement_topforminthefield_fft0.png Top Form in the Field Completed a mission using only Primed cadets Bronze
achievement_collateraldamage_fft0.png Collateral Damage Defeated an enemy with the explosion from a fuel tank Bronze
achievement_forcedcharity_fft0.png Forced Charity Searched 3 surrendered imperial soldiers Bronze
achievement_imperialinvestigation_fft0.png Imperial Investigation Searched 15 surrendered imperial soldiers Bronze

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