Achievements of FFIV

Final Fantasy IV, being an older game, didn't come with a list of achievements in the original version or most of the following versions. The only version of the game so far to include them has been the iOS version.

There are a total of 58 achievements in the game, with a total of 1,000 points achievable from them.


Story Achievements
Number Title Description Notes
1 Customer Appreciation You played a new game
2 Mission Accomplished? ? Reach Mist
3 Assault! ? Reach Damcyan
4 Bravery ? Defeat Sahagin with Gilbart at Kaipo
5 Big Bang ? Defeat Mother Bomb at Mt Hobs
6 Alone Again ? Pass Leviathan event after Fabul
7 Defeated Scarmiglione ? Defeat Scarmiglione at Mt Ordeals
8 Defeated Cagnazzo ? Defeat Cagnazzo at Baron Castle
9 Saved by Music ? Defeat Dark Elf in Lodestone Cavern
10 Delta Attack Defiance ? Defeat Magus Sisters in Tower of Zot
11 Defeated Barbariccia ? Defeat Barbariccia in Tower of Zot
12 Defeated Calcabrina ? Defeat Calcabrina in Dwarven Castle
13 Defeated Dr Lugae ? Defeat Dr Lugae in Tower of Babil
14 Defeated Rubicante ? Defeat Rubicante in Tower of Babil
15 Defeated Demon Wall ? Defeat Demon Wall in Sealed Cavern
16 Promised Ship of Light ? Obtain the Lunar Whale
17 Defeated Elemental Archfiends ? Defeat the Archfiends in Giant of Babil
18 Defeated CPU ? Defeat CPU in Giant of Babil
19 To Mother Earth ? Defeat Zemus
Gameplay Achievements
Number Title Description Notes
20 Bitter Battle Finish the game on Hard difficulty
21 Earth's Savior Times Two Finish the game twice
Obtain Items
Number Title Description Notes
22 Form Reborn Forge the legendary sword Excalibur
23 Unsealed Obtain all the sealed items Obtain Ragnarok, Holy Lance, Murasame, Masamune and Ribbon
24 To the End of Misery Trade the Pink Tail for the ultimate armor Obtain Adamant Armor
25 The Onion Swordsman Obtain various tails and collect special items Obtain Onion Helm, Onion Armor, Onion Gloves, Onion Sword and Onion Shield
Obtain Abilities
Number Title Description Notes
26 Augment Novice Obtain one Augment
27 Augment Practicioner Obtain 20 Augments
28 Augment Master Obtain all Augments
29 Apprentice Summoner Acquire one summon
30 Expert Summoner Acquire all hidden summons These are the item-taught summons: Goblin, Cockatrice, Mindflayer and Bomb
31 Master Summoner Acquire all summons
Exploring Achievements
Number Title Description Notes
32 The Perpetual Wayfarer Complete the entire map Complete all maps 100%
33 Rabbit Chaser Pursue Namingway around the world Clear all Namingway events
Leveling Achievements
Number Title Description Notes
34 A Bloodstained Road Level up the Dark Knight Dark Knight Cecil level 15
35 Heaps of Corpses ? Dark Knight Cecil level 20
36 Deep into Darkness ? Dark Knight Cecil level 25
37 Moves toward the Light Level up the Paladin Paladin Cecil level 10
38 Walks with the Light ? Paladin Cecil level 20
39 The Gatherer of Light ? Paladin Cecil level 30
40 The Illuminator ? Paladin Cecil level 50
41 Paladin of Light Incarnate ? Paladin Cecil level 70
42 ? ? Paladin Cecil level ?
Gil Achievements
Number Title Description Notes
43 Pockets Full Earn gil Earned a total of 10,000 gil
44 Fat Purse Earn more gil Earned a total of 50,000 gil
45 Bursting Treasure Chest Earn even more gil Earned a total of 200,000 gil
46 Time for a Vault Earn gobs of gil Earned a total of 500,000 gil
Enemy Defeat Achievements
Number Title Description Notes
47 Bronze Hunter Keep defeating enemies Defeat 100 enemies
48 Silver Hunter Defeat more enemies Defeat 500 enemies
49 Gold Hunter Defeat even more enemies Defeat 1,000 enemies
50 Platinum Hunter Defeat a massive number of enemies Defeat 2,000 enemies
51 Seeker Defeat a variety of monsters Complete 10% of the bestiary
52 Catching On Defeat more new monsters Complete 30% of the bestiary
53 Aficionado Defeat rare monsters Complete 60% of the bestiary
54 Know-It-All Defeat all monsters Complete 100% of the bestiary
55 Defeated Geryon Defeat Geryon At Mt Ordeals, NG+
56 Defeated Proto-Babil Defeat Proto-Babil At the Moon, NG+
Final Achievements
Number Title Description Notes
57 Developers' Pal Talk to everybody in the Develoeprs' Office At the Dwarven Castle
58 FINAL FANTASY IV Master Earn all achievements

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