FFXIII Episode i Part VIII

This is Part VIII of Final Fantasy XIII: Episode i written by Jun Eishima. The translation below is by Lissar.

A dark sea spread out before her.

Or more, it was like a sea. The rolling black waves were soundless, and had no smell of salt. It was as though a deep darkness undulated through the night. It was nothing like her own sea.

Not just the sea. This place was like nothing she had ever seen. There were things, perhaps monsters, in the distance. But no plants, no animals. She felt no life here.

There was no sound, no color. Whether this was simply silence and darkness, or her own five senses failing her, she didn't know.

Time itself seemed to have become hazy. It felt as though months and years were passing, and yet all in an instant. As if she were experience forever and a single moment all at once.

Oh, perhaps that's why.

Slowly, slowly she had accepted this place for what it was. This was no place she could fight. A world with nothing, and… everything. To put it into human words… nothingness and chaos.

But still she walked forward. Perhaps, because she still had something to look for.

"Where? Where am I trying to go?"

There was no answer. Only the stillness, at once a moment and forever, swallowed her voice.

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