FFXIII Episode i Part VI

This is Part VI of Final Fantasy XIII: Episode i written by Jun Eishima. The translation below is by Lissar.

Lightning saw an image of Fang, in her mind, yelling that they should leave them be, and not try to rescue them. She shrugged, slightly.

You know it's not in us to just leave you behind.

They had fought together long enough that they all knew what each other were thinking, what they wanted to say. She was sure the others wanted to bring them back. But it would be too much for mere human hands to bring a crystallized l'Cie back to life, and if they broke the pillar that held up Cocoon…

Could they release them without breaking the crystal pillar? Or could they destroy the pillar without there being more destruction to Cocoon? Either way, it would be more work than current human technology could handle.
She would have to go and search for it instead.

There might be something that could help, some technology, sleeping somewhere in Gran Pulse. Or perhaps some hint written somewhere.

When they first came here, they had been searching for some way to rid themselves of their l'Cie marks. But they returned to Cocoon empty handed.

There were still so many places that they hadn't seen yet, hadn't traveled to. If she searched there, she might find what she was looking for. The only thing was, it was dangerous now that she was no longer l'Cie. Gran Pulse was filled with monsters of all kinds, handling them would be no small thing. It would be a long trip.

In any case, she could not let Snow go with her. His job was to make Serah as happy as possible. Lightning turned her eyes on the couple, walking in front of her.

It hadn't been too long ago when she considered it her own job to protect Serah. She remembered the days when she would hold Serah's tiny hand as they walked here and there. Now it was time to pass on that responsibility. No, that time was already long past. Snow had already taken it. Only she hadn't noticed it.

At first, she thought he was nothing but words. Before she knew it, she found that those words of his encouraged her, made her go forward when she felt like giving up. Because his words held truth, they could move people, make them stronger.

Snow was the only one she could leave Serah with. Who she could trust. They would survive in cruel, vast land.
Please be happy, Serah.

Lightning whispered, and smiled. One more responsibility was finished. It felt good. And yet… somewhat sad. But even the sadness had a tinge of contentment.

Sazh was walking with the soldiers to the airship landing point, hold Dajh to his chest. Dajh turned toward Lightning, and gave her an exuberant wave. Such a kind boy. She waved back and he smiled.

Sazh would be busy raising Dajh from now on. That was his responsibility. There was no replacement that could be made for a child's parents. Lightning knew, having lost both of her own. She wanted those two to be happy together for as long as they could.

And Sazh would be busy working as a pilot. Gran Pulse was far larger than anyone on Cocoon could imagine, and airships would be a big part of people’s lives here. Sazh's abilities would be in demand. He would not be able to go with her to search for a way to release them.

Neither would Hope. While he had been strong as a l'Cie being able to summon Alexander, now he was a normal boy.
While people’s lives would be upset for now, that wouldn't always be the case. Eventually schools would open again, and he would be going to school, and playing with friends… that was the life that awaited him.

She had wanted to grow up quickly, to protect Serah. But she wanted Hope to enjoy the short time he had left as a child.

To ease the pain of losing his mother.

Then that's it then, she thought. The only person who can find a way to save them is me.

And she really hadn't thought that once she had saved Serah, that it would be the end. Of course, at the beginning, that was all she had thought about. Only that she wanted to save Serah.

When had that changed?

Perhaps when she had stood on Gran Pulse, looking up at Cocoon. When she first saw her world from the outside. That the world she had thought was so huge, could seem so small she could hold it in the palm of her hand.
Compared to the wide open sky, Cocoon was so tiny. But inside many, many people were living, with as much happiness as could fill it.

She would never forget the surprise and wonder she had felt that day. It was probably then, that something changed inside of her.

To save Serah, to survive along with everyone else. Not just the other l'Cie she had come to know as friends, but all the people of Cocoon. She began to dream of a day when they could live along with everyone else.

That hadn't changed. No, not even just the people of Cocoon. But the people who, like Vanille and Fang, might be surviving somewhere on Gran Pulse to this day. She wished to protect the future of all the people living on this world.

That is why my fight is not yet finished…

She knew she had to leave quickly. She didn't know why. It was some feeling she had. And suddenly, she was running.

Why? What is pushing me on like this? What… what is this?

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