FFXIII Episode i Part V

This is Part V of Final Fantasy XIII: Episode i written by Jun Eishima. The translation below is by Lissar.

She felt as though it had been a long time since the last time she had seen a child like that. Laughing, happy. It was strange. After she had woken up on Cocoon, she must have seen so many of them in the Bodhum shopping mall or on Euride.

Fang thought perhaps it was because she herself had changed.

Or not changed, but returned to the way she had been. Back to the person she had been in Oerba, watching the children laugh and play.

All children had the same face when they smiled. On Cocoon, in Oerba. It was such an odd thing.

Of course, Vanille laughed. Children are children on Cocoon or in Oerba. It doesn't matter where they're from.

Of course you're right, Fang replied, returning to watch Dajh's smile. She didn't think she could ever get tired of it. He was human again, not a l'Cie bound to the Sanctum. When she saw the l'Cie mark had disappeared from the back of his hand, she had felt such a wave of relief.

"What happened to Dajh wasn't your fault. It was my fault that I hadn't been watching him. Just think of it that way."

When Sazh had told her that, she had not said anything. Those words had saved her. The weight she carried on her shoulders had lifted, just a bit.

But she still felt that it was all her own fault. They had gotten an innocent child involved. That was unforgivable, even if that child was a child of Cocoon. The voice in her head could not stop reminding her.

She had thought that the only way she could forgive herself was not if Sazh forgave her, but if Dajh himself had forgiven her. That was what she thought. But it hadn't been true. It wasn't his words, but his smile that finally allowed herself to forgive her own crimes.

Fang turned her eyes on one other person she wished to forgive her. Serah.

"I'll let Serah decide whether or not she should forgive you." Lightning had said to her, when they were hiding out in Palumpolum.

Will she… forgive us? Fang wondered.

It's alright, Vanille whispered. Serah is kind, and strong. She will.

Well then… I guess our job is finished. We completed this stupid Focus, we destroyed Cocoon. Now all the l'Cie are back to normal.

But no, it wasn't quite finished yet. They still had to hold up Cocoon. Although Fang didn't really feel that this was much of a job. They would just sleep a deep sleep, and waste away a long, long time. That was enough for her. Vanille was beside her. She had no more worries about when they might turn into a Cieth. They could just waste away forever together.

Then they felt someone smiling at them.


Vanille called out as Fang herself turned around. They knew this feeling. Long ago they knew it. Perhaps somewhere in their forgotten memories.

Vanille whispered the name of the goddess. Of course, Vanille still had all of her memories. So she knew the owner of this smile. Yes, of course. Now I know everything. This is what a miracle is. She felt as though a tight knot were unraveling. Her memories hadn't returned, but she felt as though a fog had lifted.

Fang looked at all of her friends, one by one. Sazh would be busy raising Dajh. Hope was not yet an adult. But Snow and Lightning… they would be a problem.

Don’t you dare think about saving us. About taking us back. Only think of yourselves from now on. Or else.

Vanille giggled.

Well, you know how they are… Fang sighed, and gave a bitter laugh.

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