FFXIII Episode i Part I

This is Part I of Final Fantasy XIII: Episode i written by Jun Eishima. The translation below is by Lissar.

"It’s like… a miracle." Lightning looked up towards Cocoon, her eyes filled with wonder. It is… Vanille answered, in a voice that could not quite reach reality. To stop Cocoon from falling… they knew that they must do it, at all cost. So many people were there, so many lives. In their hearts, they knew they had to save them. It had been the flash of a moment and forever, then when they awoke both Vanille and Fang were here. It was different from when they had become crystals in fal'Cie Anima's temple. When that happened everything - including fal’Cie Anima - had fallen asleep. A sleep so deep there were no dreams. Now even though they were sleeping, they could see the world. They could see the beautiful and warm world of Gran Pulse. They could hear the voices of their friends.

Several armored soldiers ran out from the airship. Those uniforms were something they had seen before. Oh, of course. Them. Weren’t they called PSICOM? These men were no longer our enemies. They were working hard to make sure the people from Cocoon were taken to a safe place. No longer would they turn their guns against the citizens. Vanille had no proof of this, but she believed. Their voices screaming out to save the people held no lies.

"We may never see them again, but we can make miracles happen." Hope said. He looked sad, but his voice was tinged with strength and decisiveness. They had saved the people of Cocoon, surely they could make one more miracle happen. Surely they would be able to save Vanille and Fang. Perhaps that was what he was thinking.
Thank you, Hope, Vanille whispered. But this doesn't mean it's the end. We'll always be watching over you. Even if you can't see us, we can see you. We can see all of Gran Pulse from this crystal tower. All of you must become happy, don't let those you love stray from your side.

Vanille watched her friends reunite with their loved ones, her heart filled with joy. She felt at peace, finally the harm she had caused had been undone. It had been all their fault that Serah and Dajh had been turned into l'Cie.

Once the joyful tears of their reunion had passed, Serah turned her eyes towards Cocoon. Her eyes filled with shadows. That is how I looked, long ago, Vanille thought. Our actions brought sorrow to others. We involved people who were not supposed to be involved, and changed their fate. I was scared of our crimes, they were too heavy, I couldn't face them. I ran. That is how I looked, once upon a time.

I know the pain she holds. I know how she feels looking on Cocoon right now. Then Vanille remembered. Once, on that beach outside Bodhum, Serah had told Vanille "I have all of my friends, they’ll help me get past this." Vanille remembered the look in her eyes. Even if the realization and regret of their crimes threaten to bring her down, Vanille knew Serah would be able to stand strong in the face of them.

Vanille called to Snow, standing by Serah's side. Always stand by her, Vanille said. If you do that, she can stand up to anything. She might feel lost, but she will find her way. I know you will say 'We can make miracles happen! We need to find a way to save Vanille and Fang!' But you can't. You need to stay beside her.

He couldn't have heard her, but he turned around. As if her voice had really reached him. He looked as though he had whispered, 'I'm sorry.'

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