FFXIII Episode i

Final Fantasy XIII: Episode i was released alongside the Japanese Ultimate Hits International version of the game, an Xbox 360-exclusive. In English it was a pre-order bonus for FF13-2. It details some of the events that occurred directly after and during the ending of FF13, and bridges the way between that and FF13-2. Like Episode Zero, Episode i was written by Jun Eishima.


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It is right after where the ending of Final Fantasy XIII left off. Everyone is on the plains around where Cocoon fell. Vanille and Fang are watching over everyone from within the fallen Cocoon, in a sleep close to the crystal sleep but conscious nevertheless.

The people below are trying to decide what to do now that the fight is over. Snow and Serah talk about building a new home, a new city, on Gran Pulse. Hope asks after his father from the soldiers helping everyone out of the unstable Cocoon, and hears that he is safe. He offers his help in the evacuation effort.
Hearing that, Sazh takes Dajh and offers his help in piloting aircraft. There are catastrophes all over Cocoon, landslides and falling buildings, and the soldiers need all the help they can get. They say their goodbyes to Lightning, Snow and Serah, and Dajh's smiling makes Serah make her decision. She would be a school teacher, teach the children of Cocoon what really happened to make Cocoon fall.

Watching all the people bustling about and re-starting their lives, Lightning comes to the conclusion that only she can help Vanille and Fang now, the others must have their lives and their families. She starts running, without knowing why it is that she's doing it. After a while, Serah notices that she's gone.

Lightning finds herself in a dark, lifeless place. She knows she is searching for something, yet she doesn't know what that something is. She continues on through the darkness.

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