4 - Hurdy Heads for the Hills

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My name is Hurdy. I like music, so I decided to travel and experience the music and instruments of the wide world, kupo. But before I leave, I want to say goodbye to my brothers and sisters.1

Sorbet (my second eldest brother)

"You're going on a trip, kupo? I'm jealous! I want to come too, kupo. (Whenever Sorbet saves up enough gil, he disappears on long, meandering trips, kupo. —Hurdy)

"I have a few words of advice for you, little brother: There's no shame in traveling, kupo. Just remember this, and you'll be carefree and happy wherever your journey leads you. It's advice I follow myself, kupo.

"Anyway, have fun on your trip. Bring me back something sweet, kupo!"
I'm not sure a moogle can be carefree and still call himself a moogle, kupo.

Nono (my fourth oldest brother)

"If you were only leaving a little later, I could've taken you on my airship. A pity, kupo. That's right, the Brillante I, my pride and joy, is almost finished. I'm no mere airshipwright anymore, I'm an airship owner, kupo! (Building his own airship was Nono's dream. He's been saving gil, drawing up the plans and working on it for years. —Hurdy) You should come for a ride sometime. I'll take you anywhere you want, kupo.

"Anyway, have fun on your trip. If you go to Goug, pick up the latest Goug Consortium catalogue for me, kupo."
I hope his airship is skyworthy, kupo!


Horne (my third eldest brother)

"Will it be a long trip, kupo? Make sure you bring everything you need. And not just everyday things, kupo. You should be ready in case you fall ill, or meet with any unsavory characters. I'll give you a list of the items I recommend so you can pack them, kupo. (Horne's a real item aficionado. He knows the right item for just about every occasion. —Hurdy) Oh, and don't forget to bring a pouchful of dried zignuts, kupo!

"Anyway, have fun on your trip. Bring me back some rare and exotic item, kupo!"
I'm happy to buy him something, but I wonder if he'll have any place to put it. Kupo…

Gurdy (my twin sister)

"Are you sure you'll be alright traveling on your own, kupo? I'm going to be worried out of my pom-pom. I'd loan you one of my chocobos to ride, if only you knew how, kupo. (Gurdy has a chocobo stable. For the record, I can ride chocobos just fine, but I have a policy against riding them. Montblanc is the one who can't ride, kupo. —Hurdy)

"Just be sure you don't do anything foolish. You've always been too kind and trusting, so don't let anyone take advantage of you, kupo. Mind what you eat and drink, too, or you're like to upset your stomach. I'll try to drop you a line every couple of months. That is, if you don't mind, kupo.

"Anyway, have fun on your trip. Bring me back a nice accessory, kupo!"
She sounds less like a sister and more like a mother, kupo.

Montblanc (my oldest brother)


"This music appreciation trip of yours is certainly out of the blue, kupo. But I think it's a good idea. You've always shied away from adventure, and this is the perfect chance to overcome that, kupo.

"The things you'll learn and see while you're traveling will be priceless, kupo. You're in for surprises you can't even imagine. I hope you enjoy every last minute of it, kupo!"

Montblanc never was like the others, kupo.

"Would you mind bringing me back some wine? A vintage bottle of Prudence should do, kupo."
Prudence? There are only a few thousand bottles of that in the whole world, kupo.
It'll cost a fortune!
Is he out of his pom-pom?
If he's joking, I'm not laughing, kupo!
As far as I know, Montblanc doesn't even drink wine. Just who does he think he is, kupo?

…And now it's time to leave. I can't wait to find out what music and surprises my journey has in store! So long, kupo!

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