Excelsior Officers and Ranks



Founder of the Free Company, with firm ideals about keeping the FC a space within which all can participate on equal terms.

Access: Everything
Responsibilities: Everything not currently handled by officers
Application: CLOSED
Master: Sharcos Dea


A position for helping FC members live a trouble-free life. Mostly oversees the proper working of day-to-day stuff

Access: Full Company Chest, Promotions, Actions, etc
Responsibilities: Answering questions, leading events, helping out other FC members, representing the FC in a good light. Also buying and using actions (wisely)
Application: OPEN


Senior Member

A member who has been around for a while and as such is less likely to go after the latest FC fads.

Access: Member access, Company Chest page 2
Responsibilities: Following the FC rules
Application: N/A - Automatic promotion after being active in the FC for some time, and when officers notice this fact. You may remind them if you feel you're due being promoted to this rank.


A dearly beloved member of Mythopoeia. Thank you for joining us!

Access: Basic access, Company Chest page 1, invitations
Responsibilities: Following the FC rules
Application: N/A - You automatically start as Member when you join the FC.

Inactive Member

A rank for inactive people who as such are at higher risk of hostile account takeover. If you come back and find yourself an Inactive Member, contact an officer at first opportunity to reinstate your Member or Senior Member rank.

Access: None
Responsibilities: None
Application: N/A - You are moved into Inactive Members after being inactive for a month or so, or whenever someone is unlazy enough to organize the members list.

Membership Notes

We wish to inform all members that while it's completely free to leave, we would like to discourage FC-hopping.

Additionally, while there are no strict activity requirements, members that have been gone for over a year will be removed unless officers know they are still considering coming back to the game, because by then, there is a high chance you have quit for good.

Category: Free Company


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