Excelsior Housing

When you are weary from traveling, please visit our cozy abode! We are located in Lavender Beds, Ward 4, Plot 13, next to a fancy waterfall and a fancy bench.

Our amenities include such things as:

  • A half-hidden view of a bubbling brook with a rushing waterfall!
  • Market boards and retainer bell just steps away!
  • Seconds away from aethernet crystal!
  • Free post office service right from home!
  • Beautiful garden where gil grows on trees!
  • Box of everything!


All furniture in and out of the house can be rearranged by any member. So, feel free to go nuts!

However please note that while members can place new items in the house, they cannot remove them, so don't put down anything you want to keep.

Heck, don't put down anything you want to keep anyway, because items will be bound to the FC once you place them, so even if they are removed, they can't be sold on the market board again.


Our lovely garden grows money trees! But only if people tend it regularly!

When you drop by, please water the garden so it can shower us with gils! All members can tend to the garden, though only officers can harvest - if a garden is ready to be harvested, please let an officer know! Thank you!

Planting in the garden is currently only available to officers, but if a member wants to plant something while the garden is free, please let an officer know, and we will plant it for you. If a lot of people want to plant, we'll make a garden sign-up sheet. Please plant sensibly rare things, not rolanberries.

Housing Future

We are proud of our house, but we want more! A giant mansion!

We are currently saving up to move into a medium or large house. If you have any gil to spare, please donate it to the company chest so that we can eventually buy up all of Eorzea.

Category: Free Company


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