Excelsior Basic Rules

Every group of people needs some ground rules to be successful, especially when it comes to online games. Below are the rules for the Free Company Mythopoeia.

1. Joining, Leaving and Conduct

1.1.i Anyone looking for a place to say is welcome in the FC.
1.1.ii Any non-Mandragora member can invite others into the Free Company. If this feature is abused the privilege will be removed from freshcomers.
1.1.iii You can leave the Free Company at any time, just be aware that we do not look kindly upon FC-hopping and your repeated return isn't welcome.
1.1.iv If you don't log in for extended periods of time without notification, your membership may be revoked. We give more leeway to active members, so if you haven't participated in FC/LS activities and don't chat much, your grace period will be shorter than it is for members who do participate.

1.2.i Be courteous to other members. No harassment or exclusion is allowed for any reason. A serious enough breach of this rule can and will get you kicked out, lesser infractions will be dealt on a case by case basis.
1.2.ii Favoritism is not allowed. No FC event can exclude (by denying entry or by denying full participation or in any other way) members for liking or disliking people, participation in voice or text chat or other out of game activities, based on who you're friends with, etc. Breaking this rule can and will get you kicked out.
1.2.iii All out of game activities in the FC are optional. There is no requirement for joining, and not joining can't be used to exclude a member in any way, including denying them a chance to participate in social activities.

Note A: the above rules in practice mean that any harassment at all over gender, sexuality or disability will get you swiftly kicked out.

Note B: the above rules in practice mean there will never be FC voice chat due to its exclusionary nature, whether it is for lack of ability to hear or for lack of equipment doesn't matter. Use of voice chat in any FC events is explicitly forbidden. Anyone found breaking the rule will be swiftly kicked out.

2. Ranks

2.1 Company membership is divided into four main ranks.
2.1.i Officer ranks handle the management side of the FC, including upkeep of the site, organizing of events and distribution of materials. In cases of conflict, the Master will have final say, while taking into account viewpoints of the Officers. All Officer-type ranks have access to all company chest compartments.
2.1.ii Senior Members are long-time active members of the Company. In some cases some managerial duties involving events may be given to them if they're willing. Senior Members have access to company chest compartments 1 and 2.
2.1.iii Members includes most active members other than the ones mentioned above. Company chest access is limited to compartment 1.
2.1.iv All members, Officer-level included, may get dropped into Inactive Members rank if they stop playing for long periods of time, as a safety measure. Inactive Members have no access to anything. If you come back and find yourself in Inactive Members, please let an Officer know, and we will reinstate your old rank. You may need to prove your identity first.

3. Company Chest and Items

3.1.i Compartment 1 is mainly for leveling up gear and consumables. Everyone can withdraw any of these items at will, as needed. Donations are welcome. Master and Officers will keep this compartment stocked up if necessary.
3.1.ii Compartment 2 is mainly for rarer items and the FC's spare furniture. Senior members can withdraw these items at will, as needed. If a regular Member wishes to have something in this compartment, they must ask an Officer. Donations are welcome.
3.1.iii Compartment 3 is mainly for company long-term storage, and generally include rare mats, seeds, and soils. Only Master and Officers have access to this compartment, from which they will use, distribute or sell as the FC needs it.
3.1.iv Crystals are consumables that anyone can withdraw at will. You will not be expected to return any for using them for leveling. Please do not use the crystals for personal profit after hitting max level. When doing a costly project on a level 60, contact an Officer to let management know what's going on. Donations are welcome.
3.1.v Gil is for company expenses, including housing and events. Only Master can withdraw gil. Donations are welcome.

3.2 The company has high-level crafters and gatherers. Do not be afraid to request if there is gear or consumables you need, especially if you have the required materials. Do note, though, that no member is obligated to craft you anything.

4. House

4.1.i All members are welcome to hang out at the house and create rooms as they wish.
4.1.ii In addition to the main rooms of the house, access to FC Master's Office is provided for role-playing purposes (once it's furnished anyway)

4.2 All members can place furnishing, and rearrange furnishing that has already been placed. Members are encouraged to exercise their judgment of good taste. Note that only Officers and above can remove furnishing that has already been placed.

4.3.i The garden is plantable and harvestable only by Officer ranks.
4.3.ii If you would like to grow something of your own on a non-regular, non-profit basis, contact any Officer who will slot you in for gardening.

4.4.i Airships are furnished and sent out by Officers, and only for FC profit.
4.4.ii If you would like to join an airship mission, contact Officers to be slotted in for airship time. For airship mission crews, the leader of the group decides the rules for that journey.

5. Events

5.1.i Members are encouraged to make and join casual events! They are not required, and they do not have sign-ups. Please note that FC events are subject to FC rules.
5.1.ii If you want to run a casual event, feel free, and do try to rope other people into it! If you need some access that only an Officer has, just let any Officer know and they will help you with it.
5.1.iii If you end up running a regular event or static you would like to classify as an FC event, please let an Officer know, and we will add it to the events page on the website.

5.2.i If you would like to start a static for the FC, please let an Officer know, and we will add information about it to the site so other people can join you.
5.2.ii However, if you are starting a static, you are responsible for running it. The Officers and such can provide support, such as making announcements, but will not be the ones to run them.

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