About Excelsior

What makes us different from other Free Companies? Why should you pick us over End-Gamers-C-3000? We have a different approach to doing things.

We offer:

  • A close-knit and personal group, where everyone knows everyone else, or just about. We don't have a huge amount of members, but we aren't particularly aiming for numbers, as long as there are enough people online during peak hours to have fun with.
  • A friendly, selective group that isn't made of random strangers. Most invitees are friends of existing members, or become friends with us before we ask them to join.
  • A non-discriminatory environment to people with disabilities, as well as those of any and all genders and sexualities.
  • A relaxing and welcoming home for people who aren't online all the time. A lot of us have jobs, families, and other obligations, and we understand that not everyone can play games 24/7. We'll be here for you when you do have time.
  • The willingness to try everything. Solo tank? Titan tank? White mage tank? Heck, no tank, no healer, everyone smash? Sure, we have crazies willing to go. (Disclaimer: We do not cover repair bills. Sorry.)
  • Members across all progress ranges. We have - and welcome - everyone, from non-70 newbies plodding through the storyline, to geared veterans itching to splode the world.
  • Good numbers of crafters and gatherers that can make most craftable gear. In most cases, if you want something, you only need to supply rarer mats, and our crafters will have the rest.

We do NOT:

  • Carry our members. …But we will help you gear up, and teach you, and patiently do practice runs so you can learn content for yourself.
  • Impose draconic requirements. No, you do not need to be 70 and geared. No, you do not need a voicechat program. No, you don't need much of anything except some courtesy, good humour, and a reasonable grasp of the English language. (Unfortunately, most of us speak only English.)

Sounds like something you'd be interested in? Please contact one of our officers. We do ask a small amount of loyalty at least, and discourage FC-hopping, so if you're not sure if you'd be staying or not, please be upfront about it and we'll let you in on a test membership.

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