Sharcos Dea

Sharcos Dea (シャーコス・デア if written in katakana) is a player character in Final Fantasy XIV, played by Chrysalis founder JGwinters, also known as Jami. He can be found on the Hyperion server, and has been adventuring the world since 2010 spring when the public alpha testing started.
Sharcos is the older of two children, and was born to a family of Ishgardian hunters. Instead of making their home in the city or one of the hamlets, the family and several others they had teamed up with were nomads. After Sharcos lost both his parents - first his father in a hunting accident, then his mother of a springtime sickness. He left his younger sister Sahra in the care of his uncle and went out to experience the world as an adventurer, right under the threat of the coming 7th Umbral Era.


Early Years


Sharcos was born near Dawn Vigil in Coerthas Eastern Highlands, on the 25th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon (in other words, 25.5), in the year 1548. His parents were called Geoffert and Miriam Dea. Sharcos was their first-born child, and his arrival brought much joy to his parents. Later - 19 years in the past from the launch - the family grew with his younger sister Sahra.

Sharcos was brought up under the strict guidance of the teachings of Halone the Fury and the words of the Holy See of Ishgard. His father taught him how to hunt using spears mostly, and the basic necessities one needed to get by in their style of living - that is, how to repair his weapons and whatever armor he had. The small tribe of families the Dea family traveled with was aiming to be self-sufficient and managed it to a large degree, bartering the products of their basic crafts and the prey of their hunts in exchange for items they could neither obtain nor make themselves.

Thus passed the fall of Ala Mhigo (Sharcos being a mere 8 years old at the time), with the state of living much the same for the small tribe. Then, when Sharcos was 21, his father passed away in a hunting accident. Things took a turn for the worse and Miriam and Sahra started spending most of their time with the deceased Geoffert's brother Bernart's family. They managed to scrape by, but then the spring of the game's launch Miriam passed away due to a fever.
Sahra stayed with Bernart's family, where she was welcome enough. Sharcos though, was a man grown by this time and even had his uncle welcomed him with open arms, Sharcos's pride wouldn't have let him stay behind. This is how Sharcos joined the ever-growing ranks of the adventurers.

Setting Out

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Darkness Falls

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Sharcos is a midlander Hyur of middling height. His eyes are gray in color and his hair a platinum blonde, although he's been known to sport light blue highlights. He keeps his hair slightly shorter than shoulder-length and bangs only on the right side of his face.
Passing over his right eye is an old scar from the same hunting accident that took his father's life. On the left side of his face, surrounding his eye, he has white tribal markings, although they're often covered by his hair.

Game Life

Sharcos is a member of the Mythopoeia linkshell, and the de facto leader as one of the strongest characters in the shell, as well as the one with the most experience of the game's lore. He was created for the first time in spring 2010 for alpha testing, then re-created for beta testing the summer of the same year and finally reinstated from beta for the game's full launch for the Kashuan server. With the disappearance of original server names, he now resides on Hyperion.
His Lodestone profile can be found here.

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