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Sasare Sare (ササレ・サレ if written in katakana) is a player character in Final Fantasy XIV, played by Chrysalis founder JGwinters], also known as Jami. She can be found on the Balmung server.
Sasare was an only child to her parents, a merchant of books and a dabbler in thaumaturgical arts. She has lived her whole life in Ul'dah, surrounded by as much luxury as her parents could give her. The approaching fall of Dalamud spurred her on to become an adventurer, a profession she has more or less followed ever since.


Early Years

Sasare Sare was born to a well to do family in Ul'dah in 1542 of the Sixth Astral Era, on the 4th day of the 6th Umbral Moon (4.12). She was raised to be an ardent follower of the belief that the moon of your birth determines which deity is the most important to you, making the patron deity of Ul'dah, Nald'thal, only a secondary influence in her life. Her mother, born under Nald'thal's moon and a dabbler in the arts of thaumaturgy, and father, born under Thaliak's and a merchant of books and scrolls, both led their lives according to this belief as best as they could.

In her late teenage years, Sasare met up with a certain Ke'shara Leis who had experience in some forms of miqo'te mysticism, and became enthralled. Thereafter she spent her time trying to fit together the teachings of her guardian deity Althyk, the wide-held belief in Nald'thal of Ul'dah, and all the sides of the mysticism she could get her hands on with her limited familiarity with the other race, most of it gained through Ke'shara. She became convinced there was a purpose to her life and this was it.

During this period, in 1563, she also met a certain young man called Zezegelo Titigelo, a vagrant with a current interest in the deities of Eorzea. They spent a glorious summer together. That is when Zezegelo's interest in mysticism waned, and he moved on. Sasare, convinced that their meeting was as fated as her interest in the otherworlds and their effects on the corporeal world, set up a divination shop under the name Sasare Titigelo, defying established convention in favor of her own views of mysticism and her perceived soul mate.

The Fall of Dalamud

In 1571, the secondary moon Dalamud gained a red hue. Sasare, an avid watcher of the skies for divine signals, mulled this over for several weeks before deciding it was her cue to set out after Zezegelo. She took up the bow, honored Oschon as a deity to light her way, and set off. In the following months she gained some notoriety among adventurers as a looney whose words you could never figure out, but also as a good enough fighter if you managed to make her understand there was a threat to take care of. As Dalamud swelled and reddened in the skies, she joined the Immortal Flames to widen her search, for she was sure something out there was waiting just for her to find it. She was spurred on in this belief by her curious discovery of people only she could see and events only she could remember happening - at least right then. She eventually deduced they were echoes of events past, but never got much farther than that.

When Dalamud fell, Sasare was stationed in the outskirts of the Battle of Carteneau. Bahamut burst forth from the moon, and she was engulfed in a bright light.

New Beginnings

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Game Life

Sasare is a member of the Mythopoeia linkshell and Free Company, where she takes part in the events occasionally when she can be roused from her divinations. She spends most of her time holed away in the company headquarters, mumbling around in the corners.
She was created in 2011 as Dalamud became red in the skies on the Kashuan server. With the renaming of servers she went on to Hyperion by default, and with the release of ARR moved on to Balmung with the linkshell.

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