Moonshade Butterfly

Moonshade Butterfly is a player character in Final Fantasy XIV, and a carefree adventurer of Hydaelyn. It happened with a rock and her head, she knows, but doesn't remember much of her past beyond that. She sure hopes she isn't forgetting anything (or anyone) too important, but she doesn't let the lack of memories stop her from enjoying the adventuring life she leads now.

Moon, as she's commonly commonly called by other players, is a cute red-haired miqo'te played by Arivess. She ran around everyone on Hyperion in version 1.x of FFXIV, and will be found on Balmung starting from A Realm Reborn.


Early Years

Once upon a time, there was a pretty Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te with flame-red hair who, upon visiting Ul'dah for the first time, was so impressed with a Highland Hyur that she ran away from her tribe to be with him. They lived in great love for a few years, and out popped a baby Miqo'te with bright-bright red hair like her mother, on the 25th day of the 2nd Umbral moon of 1551.

A few years later, however, the family fell into poverty as jobs dried up. The family tried to make ends meet, taking on odd jobs as dancing and bodyguarding, and selling as much of their possession as they could bear to part with, but it wasn't enough, especially with an extra - and useless - mouth to feed and watch. At their rope's end, not knowing that in just year, they would get more jobs as mercenaries and medics than they could ever imagine, they decided to seek their fortune elsewhere, leaving their young daughter behind.

A four-year-old did not survive Ul'dah easily. On the first night of her life alone, the young Miqo'te nearly died, of cold and hunger. Her story was not to end so easily, however. An Elezen boy nicknamed "Jackal" offered her food and brought her into his family - a gang of orphans trying to stay alive. Being the youngest and newest recruit, Butterfly, as the little Miqo'te became known as, often stayed home in their hideout with Otter, the whole group's surrogate mother, slowly grew closer to the other members.

As whispers of war stirred through Eorzea, the little group thrived, turning to thievery in the chaos. As soldiers and guards marched to Ala Mhigo, the orphans dined on inflated hotcakes and steaks filtched from right under the merchants' noses. And when the war ended as quickly as it began, all that the little six-year-old Butterfly knew was that this easy life would never return again.

As It Begins

Butterfly lived with her new family for a few good years, learning to snatch coin from the unsuspecting crowds, a skill she picked up quickly. As the family grew, however, Otter, the gentle girl she was, wanted to make a legitimate living. Growing now into a lovely young woman on the verge of adulthood, with no marketable skills but stealing, she decided to become a dancer, unknowingly following the path of Butterfly's real mother.

And as Butterfly lost one mother, she would soon lose her second, this time to a far worse fate. One night, after turning down advances from a particularly drunk and particularly wealthy patron, Otter found herself staggering home with a knife in her belly, dying shortly afterwards. Her death tore the group apart, especially Jackal, who had dreams of starting a life with her someday.

Life was never the same after that. Jackal soon abandoned the gang for longer and longer periods of time, his mind bent on revenge. Butterfly desperately tried to keep everyone together, to no avail - she was never the leader that Jackal was or the mother that Otter was, and soon, everyone started drifting away, until she was the only one left living in their old hideout.

Stealing and generally keeping a low profile, Butterfly lived by herself until one day, she ran into some of her old friends again - as gladiators of the Coliseum. It was a life of danger, they knew, but no less dangerous than being a child thief in a cutthroat city. And it made money. So much money, more than they had ever seen before. After an initial few days of hesitation, Butterfly signed up to the Pugilist's Guild of Ul'dah and trained to fight…

A New Challenger Arises

Newly self-dubbed as the Crimson Butterfly, Butterfly enjoyed unparalled success in the Coliseum. Success to her, at least - that was, making enough of an earning to keep living and fade out of the authority's eyes.

Shortly after her arena debut, however, Butterfly ran into Jackal again. Ragged and obsessive, and no longer a child, he looked very different from the boy who saved her 10 years ago. However, even while knowing it would be a bad idea, Butterfly decided to help him. The two of them attempted to assassinate the man who killed Otter, but were found out. They fled, but Butterfly lost track of Jackal in the confusion and ended up on her own.

She eventually made her way to Vesper Bay, where she took a ship to Limsa Lominsa. In a new city, she was suddenly just another stranger - not a thief, not a fugitive. After a few run-ins with pirates, she made friends with a seasoned Lalafell adventurer, and decided to become an adventurer herself.

After two years of exploring the area around La Noscea, Butterfly wanted to see new lands. Remembering the night her parents left her and Jackal found her in the light of the moon, she took on the name Moonshade Butterfly and headed off, with a promise to return in three years' time. She traveled far through Thanalan, though staying away from the city of Ul'dah, opting to stay in small hamlets along the way. She found the way of an adventurer much more easy-going and fun than her old life, hunting down monsters and trading in their spoils, camping out in the wild, fending off animals and bandits.

Eventually, Butterfly ended up in the Black Shroud, and more specifically, the city of Gridania. There, she was received coldly - though politely - by most of the populace, but made good friends with the young Talie Elrih and stayed with her. Though the two became close, Butterfly still wanted to see the rest of the world. However, due to their friendship, she stayed until she was due to return to Limsa. Despite Butterfly's offers, Talie Elrih did not go with her, opting instead to stay in Gridania, so, while torn over her friend and her promise, Butterfly left by herself.

However, on the way to Limsa Lominsa, Butterfly was waylaid by bandits and fell from a cliff, severely knocking her head. When she woke up again, she had lost all her memories and most of her possessions, save for an old pair of horas and a ferry ticket. Seeing little other course, she got on the ferry to Limsa Lominsa…


Moonshade Butterfly is a tinytiny Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te of tiny, with bright red hair held back by a headband. She has pale skin, and one green eye and one blue, and scars everywhere, including a small but prominent one on her cheek.

Game Life

Moonshade Butterfly is a member of the Mythopeia linkshell, and the unofficial recruiter for the new social faction. Her name is unabashed stolen from Lilisette (FFXI), and her player just really wanted bright bright red hair. She was created from the launch of version 1.0 on the Kashuan server, which merged into Hyperion. She will be moving to Balmung for A Realm Reborn.

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