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Jenare Richille (ジェナーレ・リシーユ if written in katakana) is a player character in Final Fantasy XI, played by Chrysalis founder JGwinters, also known as Jami. He is located on the Quetzalcoatl server, and was originally created in 2007. Jenare also holds the shell for the linkshell Mythopoeia in Vana'diel.
Jenare was born as the younger son of a merchant family in San d'Oria, and with his medium height and black hair is just another typical Elvaan male. He left home after his father's death when he was 20 years old, and started adventuring with Rii Kalira. This happened in the year 885, with the dawn of the new age in Vana'diel.
An account of his travels you can read at Lost in Vana'diel.


Early Years


Jenare was born to his parents Gervaine and Celese Richille on the 22nd of the 11th month, in the year 864 CE. At the time his older brother Triene was almost three years old. His family owns a small general-purpose store called Richille's Wares somewhere close to Port San d'Oria, and that is where he spent his childhood.
Growing up, he spent a happy enough childhood with his family. He was the dutiful child that never brought worries to his parents. When he was 14 years old, he met Endahren Merchell, another San d'Orian Elvaan that would become his long-time friend and supporter. At around the same time, he discovered books written by adventurers. That became a turning point in his life.

Jenare's father had always wanted his second son to join the San d'Orian army. However, with the formation of Jenare's own dreams their wills started to clash. While he would have never stated it out loud, he thought his father's opinions about life somewhat old-fashioned. He started yearning for adventure.
It was in the year 883 CE, when Jenare was 18 years old, when things started escalating. He joined his father on a business trip to Windurst, where he met Kii Kalira, a young mithra girl. The two became friends and kept in contact when Jenare returned to San d'Oria. It wasn't long from that when Gervaine discovered this connection. Being a traditional proud Elvaan, he could not accept it. Jenare for the first time in his life defied his father and continued keeping in touch with the girl, aided by his friend Endahren.

The summer of the next year, Gervaine Richille died. Jenare was bothered by the unsolved matter between them, and voluntarily cut contact with Kii Kalira. His mind was only changed when several months later Endahren moved to Bastok. With Endahren's encouragement he contacted her again, and started planning his eventual departure on his own adventure.


To a new tomorrow in Jugner Forest

In the spring of 885 CE Jenare moved out from his childhood home and into a Mog House, officially becoming an adventurer. He spent some time around San d'Oria, before heading out on foot to Windurst to meet Kii Kalira. He did make it to the city, but unknownst to him Kii Kalira had died, and the person he met was her twin sister Rii Kalira. While there were certain differences in the two, Rii Kalira was good enough of an actor to not raise too much suspicion, and Jenare being himself was too polite to remark on any differences.

The two stayed around Windurst for a while before heading on to Bastok, visiting Endahren and making new friends. They spent most of the remaining spring and summer slowly traveling between the three major cities, enjoying the feeling of the whole world spreading out before them. However, soon after reaching San d'Oria the situation became complicated. Jenare returned to his family while his mother was sick, and Rii returned to Windurst.

It was autumn before the two came in contact again. Celese's sickness had passed, and Jenare traveled once again to Windurst to apologize for his absence. His apologies were accepted, and once again the two set out. Most of the autumn they spent helping people with their troubles, and gaining more experience and skills to be able to travel to places farther away. Right after Starlight Celebration came around, Jenare and Rii set out for Jeuno, closing their first calendar year of adventuring.


By the year 886 CE Jenare had gained enough of a reputation in his home country of San d'Oria that he was sent on a mission to familiarize himself with the other nations. During the course of this mission, he and Rii Kalira came face to face with one of Shadow Lord's new minions, heralding his second coming. The atmosphere around that time was strained, but when nothing more seemed to happen it was gradually forgotten, a mere bad feeling at the back of his mind. Jenare and Rii Kalira continued adventuring and gaining a reputation for themselves.

In April the two managed to get their hands on Kazham airship passes, and visited the motherland of Rii's mother for the first time. This eventually evolved into a weeks-long session of honing their skills in the jungles around Kazham, greatly boosting their skills in battle. This was soon much needed, for the two found themselves transported to the time of 20 years past, the Crystal War. Shocked by their discovery, they made several short trips to the past but did not manage to find out why it was happening. Even this was soon forgotten when July came around.

Completing a mission for Jeuno

Come the celebration of Celestial Nights that year, Jenare found out that the person he had spent the good part of the last several years with wasn't in fact Kii Kalira but her twin sister Rii Kalira. He took it roughly, and the ways of the separated for a while. Jenare headed out to Bastok, where he received some training from Zeid in the arts of a Dark Knight. During late summer however, Rii and Kii Kalira's mother, unaware of what had happened, tried bringing the two together.
Through a series of consequences, both of them ended up trying to escape the other - to Aht Urhgan. There, Jenare's mind was further tampered with as he was scouted as a Blue Mage. However, Rii managed to get herself caught up in it, and almost died as a result of the alchemical process required to gain blue magic. Unable to leave her to die by herself, Jenare took care of her for the time she required to regain her health, and the two ended up with a wary peace.

After some adventures in Aht Urhgan, Jenare and Rii Kalira end up escaping Naja Salaheem's wrath back into the Middle Lands. Soon after their return, the two are assigned to Jeuno by their respective nations. What followed was another period of completing quests for various people around Jeuno and the frontier lands, as well as several more trips to the past.

The year ends like it began with a worsening situation around the world, when the Archduke of Jeuno sends the two on a mission to gather Magicite from the three beastman strongholds. While out gathering the magicite, they end up becoming involved deeper with the nearing return of the Shadow Lord.

Game Life

Jenare as a character was created in spring 2007 on the Seraph server, as Jami's first incursion into the world of Final Fantasy XI. However, late summer real life matters came in the way and the account was placed on indefinite hiatus.

It was autumn 2008 before Jenare's triumphant return, and this time it appears to be for good. He was transferred to the Midgarsormr server (which later merged into Quetzalcoatl) along with Rii Kalira, and is currently a Red Mage in level late sixties, with most of Vana'diel's adventures still before him.

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