Gishane Jaerdagne

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Gishane Jaerdagne (ギシェイン・ジェイルダニュ if written in katakana) is a player character in Final Fantasy XIV, played by Chrysalis founder JGwinters, also known as Jami. He can be found on the Balmung leader, and is one of the forces keeping the loose alliance of the Mythopoeia linkshell together.
Gishane was an only child to his parents in a small wandering tribe of poachers and thieves. He grew up listening to his grandfather's stories of old days of glory in the Shroud and the oppression in Ishgard. After his grandfather's death, Gishane left his family and tribe and headed out for Gridania in search of a more meaningful life.


Early Years

Gishane was born on the 23rd sun of the 2nd Astral moon, in the year 1552 of the Sixth Astral Era, on the outskirts of the Black Shroud, close by to Coerthas. His family was part of a tribe of poachers and thieves who traveled the area in search of a living, fighting off protectors of the wood and staying far enough away from the Knights of Ishgard so as not to be bothered too much.

Growing up, the main influence in Gishane's life was his paternal grandfather Jeremeah, an old Elezen with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of tales of times long past, of the faded glories of Gelmorra in the woods, where he swore his family had come from, and tales of the all-reaching control of the Fury Halone in Ishgard, where Gishane's mother's family was from originally, having abandoned the city in search of a life more free. Gishane's appetite for these tales was inexhaustible.

When Jeremeah finally passed away in 1569, it left Gishane with no kindred souls among his small tribe. He withdrew from his family and eventually made a decision to head to Gridania, the better of his two most familiar options of Gridania and Ishgard. He unceremoniously said his goodbyes and headed out, to the forest and the city awaiting in the heart of it.

Fated Encounters

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Beyond the Years

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Game Life

Gishane was the original leader of the Mythopoeia linkshell in FF14, having originally been created for the alpha version in 2010. He was then recreated for the beta and release on the Kashuan server. With the server name switches some time later on, he could be found on Hyperion, from where he hopped on to Balmung for the release of ARR.
His Lodestone profile can be found here.

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