Ellanore Delouvien

Ellanore Delouvien (エラノア·デルヴィアン if written in katakana) is a player character in Final Fantasy XI, played by Chrysalis founder JGwinters. She was created in 2008 in the Quetzalcoatl server, and is a member of the linkshell Mythopoeia.
Ellanore comes from an old leartherworker family in San d'Oria. She is the youngest child in her family of five, born in 865 CE. She was always pretty with her platinum blonde hair and hazel eyes, although some would describe her average, in height and personality as well. True to Elvaan traditions, she holds honor above all else.


You can read some more of her life at With White Wings.


Early Years

Ellanore's parents Gjallaneux and Tirah Delouvien had her on the first day of the eighth month in the year 865 CE. She was their third child, having had Dennellen (Ellanore's older brother) and Natasha (her older sister) before. They were born in 858 and 861, respectively, so are somewhat older than her when compared to normal age gaps between siblings. Her family has a house in north-eastern San d'Oria, relatively close to the Leatherworking Guild. Both her parents are in the trade, her family is continuing the tradition of many generations.

When Ellanore was four years old, she was engaged to Endahren Merchell, the only son of a business acquaintance of her father's. While she grew to be rather confused with the idea in her teenage years, she never really opposed it. When she came to know Endahren better, she even grew to love him in her own way. However, much of her 'love' is holding up the honor of herself and her family. Her interests lie mostly in the battlefield, not at hearth and home.

Start of an Adventure

When Endahren moved to Bastok in the year 884, when Ellanore was just turning 19 years old, he encouraged her to live her own life. While the suggestion was in line of her own thoughts, it wasn't enough yet for her to leave her family. When a letter arrived from Endahren telling of a friend of his that had left San d'Oria for adventures, she had had enough. While most of her family still didn't like it, she set out by herself, with the blessings of her brother Dennellen.


Since then, she has mostly spent her time in San d'Oria and surrounding areas, helping people and gathering confidence enough in her skills to leave for good. The unknown calls for her, but she still loves her home dearly.

Game Life

Ellanore as a character was created in autumn 2008 on Midgarsormr (which later merged into Quetzalcoatl) as a leatherworking mule and an alternate character. While her adventure is just beginning, she is set out to be a Dragoon, there to be a character focused on melee jobs instead of Jami's other character Jenare who is more focused on mage jobs.

Ellanore's story is set in the same story and timeline as Jenare's. Her connection to Jenare comes from them both knowing Endahren, but they are at most casual acquaintances.

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