Wrapped Maple Longbow
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Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DMG 16, ATK +6, ACC +6, Crit rate +4, delay 4.2, DPS 5.48, Projectile
Equip: level 13 (required), ARC, BRD
Buy: 32,760 gil (sell: 1,960 gil)
Shop: Conayn, Doelle, Zagylhaemr (Gridania), Iron Thunder, Tylswaen (Limsa Lominsa), Etgar, Reluctant Boar, Zagylswerd (Ul'dah)
Craft: LTW 14 - Earth Shard x4, Wind Shard, Maple Longbow, Dodo Leather, Mole Sinew
Type: Archer's Arm, Meld: Yes, Convert: Yes

Category: Equipment

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