Umbra (Equipment)

護法の陰陽 [gohou no inyou] or 'yin and yang's power to defeat evil' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIII

Type: Emblem, Equip: Snow, Rank: 5
Levels: 1-21, Exp to Max: 66,750, Synthesis Group: Magic Defense
Stats (min): STR 13, MAG 20
Stats (max): STR 73, MAG 120
Abilities: Improved Ward
Buy: 32,600 gil (sell: ?)
Shop: Plautus's Workshop
Treasure: Palamecia
Upgrade: Solaris
Dismantle: (at max level) Perovskite, Ceramic Armor x7
Description: This emblem is designed to improve the defenses of those who place themselves in harms way to protect others

Category: Equipment

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