ソード [sword] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Stats: ATK10 (basic), ATK30 (+1), ATK60 (+2), ATK90 (+3), ATK110 (+4), ATK130 (+5)
Equip: default weapon on Fighter, Gladiator, Moogle Knight, Onion Knight, Paladin, Soldier, Spellblade
Buy: - (sell: -)
Craft: Iron Scraps x2, 500 gil
Craft (+1): Soft Cotton, Iron Scraps, 500 gil
Craft (+2): Gikhet Lead, Iron Scraps x3, 1,500 gil
Craft (+3): Gikhet Lead, Xergis Tin, Iron Scraps x5, 5,000 gil
Craft (+4): Zincatite x2, Fiend's Fang, Iron Scraps x10, 15,000 gil
Craft (+5): Gold-striped Stone, Gikhet Lead x3, Iron Scraps x20, 30,000 gil
Obtain Recipe: basic, +1, +2 (Duchy of Yug Nard city 1st expansion), +3, +4, +5 (Duchy of Yug Nard city 2nd expansion)
Type: Sword, Grade: 1
Description: A longsword used throughout the continent.

Category: Equipment

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