Steel Knife

スチールナイフ [steel knife] in Japanese.

A Realm Reborn


Stats: PDMG 17, MDMG 16, ATK 13.6, Delay 2.4, DPS 5.7, DEX +6, VIT +5, Determination +4
Stats (HQ): PDMG 19, MDMG 18, ATK 15.2, Delay 2.4, DPS 6.3, DEX +6, VIT +7, Determination +5
Equip Level: 30, Equip On: ROG, NIN
Item Level: 30, Rarity: Grey
Buy: 2,691 gil (sell: 42 gil (HQ 47 gil))
Shop: Leopold / Gridania, Nonoroon / Oakwood, Arms Supplier / Quarrymill, Merchant & Mender / Fallgourd Float
Reward: Cloying Victory, Levequests Birds of a Feather, Call Me Mating, Clearing Steer, Necrologos: Igneous Toil, Out to Sea, Sol Survivors, Under Foot
Craft: BSM30 (Durability 70, Difficulty 102, Quality 1584) - Earth Shard x3, Fire Shard x3, Steel Ingot x2, Walnut Lumber
Desynthesis Results: Earth Shard, Fire Shard, Steel Ingot
Type: Rogue's Arm, Stack: 1, Unique: No, Untradeable: No, Binding: Yes
Dye: No, FC Crest: No, Materia Slots: 2, Convert: Yes, Desynthesis: Yes
Glamour: Smithing, Repair: 24 gil / Grade 3, BSM20
Other: as 'Steel Knives'

Category: Equipment

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