Steel Goggles
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Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DEF 28, DEX +2, Craftmanship +16 (hq +19), Perception +16
Equip: lv 31 (optimal) all
Use: Cobalt Preserves (Green, Red), Steel Goggles (Black, Yellow)
Buy: 112,492 gil (sell: 3,225 gil)
Shop: D'bhonja, Ulric (Gridania), Marcelain (Limsa Lominsa)
Drop: Slippery Sykes, Barometz
Craft: GSM34 - Fire Shard x6, Wind Shard x3, Steel Plate, Clear Glass Lens, Aldgoat Leather
Type: Eyewear, Convert: Yes, Meld: Yes
Other: also come in Black and Yellow varieties

Category: Equipment

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