Soul Blazer

魔道スピリッツ [madou spirits] or 'magic skill spirits' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIII

Type: Emblem, Equip: Snow, Rank: 6
Levels: 15-41, Exp to Max: 154,752, Synthesis Group: Ultimate Magic
Stats (min): STR 0, MAG 144
Stats (max): STR 0, MAG 300
Abilities: Hindrance
Buy: - (sell: ?)
Shop: -
Synthesize: Feymark (lv max), Uraninite
Upgrade: Save the Queen
Dismantle: (at max level) Feymark, Radial Bearing x6, Titanium Tube x12
Description: Featuring military technology supplemented by forbidden magics, this emblem amplifies the wearer's magical power

Category: Equipment

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