Sohei Savior

金剛菩薩 [kongou bosatsu] or 'vajra bodhisattva' in Japanese. Vajra is an indestructible substance or a symbol of indestructible truth, while bodhisattva is someone who has reached enlightenment but has sworn to put off becoming a buddha until all beings are saved.
The 'sohei' in the English name refers to 僧兵 [souhei], a type of Buddhist warrior monks in feudal Japan.

Lightning Returns

Stats: max ATB +0, starting ATB 100%
Auto-Abilities: Critical Regen (20 sec)
Garb Abilities: triangle Blitz lv 2 max, O Attack lv 2 max
Obtain: DLC (in a pack with Treasure Hold and Fealty) buyable (EU), from pre-order through (EU), pre-order from HMV&Lawson (JP)

Category: Equipment

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