Serpent Staff

蛇の杖 [hebi no tsue] or 'serpent staff' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: ATK 5, Parry 15% (when available)
Range: horizontal 1, vertical up 2, vertical down 3
Equip (job): White Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Mystic, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Princess, Cleric, Skyseer
Equip (enemy): level 12
Buy: 2,200 gil (sell: 1,100 gil)
Shop: (available after Ovelia and Agrias join in ch2) Gariland, Trade cities, Towns and cities
Description: A staff with a giant serpent scale embedded in its tip.
Other: can be used with Dual Wield and Doublehand

Category: Equipment

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