Princess Guard

プリンセスガード [princess guard] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy VII


Stats: ATK 52, Hit 111%, MAG +22, MND +20, VIT +12
Slots: 2+2+2+1, Growth: Normal
Equip: Aerith Gainsborough
Buy: - (Sell: ?)
Other: damage is higher if people are KO'd. It's calculated with damage *2 with one dead and *3 with two dead.
Obtain: Temple of the Ancients (room IIII)

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: ATK 5, Parry 20% (when available), MATK +4
Range: horizontal 1, vertical up 2, vertical down 3
Equip (job): Black Mage, Summoner, Mystic, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Netherseer
Equip (enemy): -
Buy: - (sell: 5 gil)
Obtain: complete Brave Story/Rendezvous Mode
Description: A magicked rod wielded by members of the royal guard.
Other: can be used with Dual Wield and Doublehand
Other: as 'Crown Scepter'

Airborne Brigade


Type: Rod, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 24
Attack: 1,930 (lv1), 8,925 (lv120), 11,632 (lv150), 14,834 (lv180), 18,211 (lv210), 21,840 (lv240)
Defense: 2,210 (lv1), 10,216 (lv120), 13,428 (lv150), 16,981 (lv180), 20,846 (lv210), 25,000 (lv240)
Obtain: event: Operation Jenova

Type: Rod, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 20
Attack: 1,550 (lv1), 7,160 (lv100), 9,415 (lv125), 11,909 (lv150), 14,623 (lv175), 17,540 (lv200)
Defense: 1,730 (lv1), 7,989 (lv100), 10,505 (lv125), 13,288 (lv150), 16,316 (lv175), 19,570 (lv200)
Obtain: event: Operation Jenova

All the Bravest

Stats: ATK +10, Number: P17, From: FF7
Equip: Black Mage, Magus, Time Mage, Summoner, Aerith Gainsborough, Shantotto
Drop: Death Machine
Description: This scepter will always carry with it the spirit of a certain cheerful young lady.

Category: Equipment

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