Power Belt

パワーベルト [power belt] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX

Stats: STR +3, DEF +2
Equip: all
Abilities: Fira, Counter, MP Attack
Buy: - (sell: 3,500 gil)
Synthesize: Glass Buckle, Chain Mail, 2,000 gil (Lindblum synthesis shop (disc 2-3), Black Mage Village Black Cat synthesis shop (disc 3), Alexandria synthesis shop (disc 3), Treno synthesis shop (disc 3), Daguerreo synthesis shop)
Obtain: upon first arriving to Treno, first view 'Treno Tradition' ATE, then head after Garnet and watch 'Pursuit' ATE, and finally enter synthesis shop and talk to Gilgamesh
Use: Grand Helm
Description: Belt that raises Strength
Type: Accessory



Stats (lv1): STR +15
Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Obtain: event quest Garuda's Assault
Type: Accessory, Rarity: ★★★, Element: -

Record Keeper


Power Belt (IX)
Stats: ATK +15, Max Level: 1
Type: Accessory, Rarity: ★★★

Category: Equipment

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