Plate Mail

プレイトメイル [plate mail] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX

Stats: DEF +17, MDEF +1, SPR +1
Equip: Steiner, Freya, Beatrix
Abilities: Undead Killer, Locomotion
Buy: 2,320 gil (sell: 1,160 gil)
Shop: Alexandria (weapon shop (disc 3)), Treno (knight equipment shop (disc 3)), Linbdlum (Dragoos' shop (disc 3))
Description: Armor that raises Spirit
Type: Heavy Armor

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: HP +60
Equip (job): Knight, Dragoon, Samurai, Dark Knight, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Squire (Ramza, ch2+), Fell Knight, Holy Knight, Game Hunter, Templar, Sky Pirate, Sword Saint, Divine Knight, Ark Knight
Equip (enemy): level 14
Buy: 3,000 gil (sell: 1,500 gil)
Shop: (available after Ovelia and Agrias join in ch2) Lesalia, Castles
Description: The unique design of this mythril armor greatly increases its protective qualities.
Other: other jobs can equip with Equip Heavy Armor

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Stats: DEF19 MDEF7 (basic), DEF58 MDEF21 (+1), DEF117 MDEF42 (+2), DEF163 MDEF58 (+3), DEF184 MDEF66 (+4), DEF209 MDEF74 (+5)
Equip: grade-up equip for various frontline jobs
Buy: - (sell: -)
Craft: Fake Crest, Iron Scraps x10, 850 gil
Craft (+1): Baknamy Lens x2, Gikhet Lead x2, Iron Scraps x10, 850 gil
Craft (+2): Shed Skin, Adaman Alloy x2, Iron Scraps x20, 7,500 gil
Craft (+3): Black Bog Sap x2, Zinconium x2, Iron Scraps x30, 30,000 gil
Craft (+4): Deuog Gown, Star Fragments, Iron Scraps x40, 150,000 gil
Craft (+5): Fuhdel Beast Hide x2, Star Iron x2, Iron Scraps x50, 300,000 gil
Obtain Recipe: Hero Summon Point exchange (60 points)
Type: Heavy Armor, Grade: 3
Description: ?

Vagrant Story

Stats (Leather): Str +18, Int +21, Agi -2
Stats (Bronze): Str +20, Int +18, Agi -4
Stats (Silver): Str +21, Int +18, Agi -3
Stats (Iron): Str +22, Int +19, Agi -4
Stats (Hagane): Str +24, Int +19, Agi -3
Stats (Damascus): Str +26, Int +20, Agi -3
Obtain: ?
Description: ?

Category: Equipment

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