Mythril Knife

ミスリルナイフ [mythril knife] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

Stats: ATK +10, ACC +15
Equip: ?
Obtain: ?
Description: A knife wrought from mythril

Final Fantasy II


Stats: ATK +14, ACC +67%, EVA +2%
Equip: all
Obtain: ?
Other: A knife made of mythril

Final Fantasy III


Stats: ATK 14, ACC 85, weight 0
Buy: 500 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Kazus, Canaan
Type: Dagger

Final Fantasy IV

Stats: ATK 10, ACC 110, SPD +1
Equip: Cecil, Edge, Kain, Palom, Rosa, Rydia
Buy: 3,000 gil (sell: 1,500 gil)
Shop: Mythril
Drop: Mythril Golem
Steal: Mythril Golem
Treasure: Mythril
Other: 1.5x damage to ghosts

Final Fantasy V

Stats: ATK +20
Equip: most jobs
Buy: 450 gil (sell: 225 gil)
Shop: Karnak
Steal: Wyvern
Other: can be used with Spellblade

Final Fantasy VI

Stats: ATK 30
Equip: Terra, Locke, Shadow, Edgar, Celes, Strago, Relm, Setzer, Mog, Gogo
Obtain: ?
Description: Sturdy adventurer's knife forged from pure mythril
Other: Can be used with Runic and Two-handed

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DMG 52, Crit +5, Parry +2, delay 2.4, DPS 21.67, slashing
Equip: level 38 (required), GLA, PLD
Buy: - (sell: 3,510 gil)
Craft: BSM 41 - Fire Shard x6, Earth Shard x4, Mythril Ingot, Oak Lumber, Wolf Fang
Type: Gladiator's Arm Meld: Yes, Convert: Yes
Other: Note that this is a different weapon from the ARR one

A Realm Reborn


Stats: PDMG 23, MDMG 19, ATK 18.4, Delay 2.4, DPS 7.7, DEX +8, VIT +8, Determination +7
Stats (HQ): PDMG 25, MDMG 21, ATK 20, Delay 2.4, DPS 8.3, DEX +9, VIT +10, Determination +9
Equip Level: 38, Equip On: ROG, NIN
Item Level: 38, Rarity: Grey
Buy: 4,159 gil (sell: 63 gil (HQ 70 gil))
Shop: Merchant & Mender / Whitebrim Front
Reward: Following the Evidence
Craft: BSM38 (Durability 80, Difficulty 129, Quality 1961) - Earth Shard x4, Fire Shard x4, Mythril Ingot x2, Oak Lumber
Desynthesis Results: ?
Type: Rogue's Arm, Stack: 1, Unique: No, Untradeable: No, Binding: Yes
Dye: No, FC Crest: No, Materia Slots: 2, Convert: Yes, Desynthesis: Yes
Glamour: Smithing, Repair: 48 gil / Grade 4, BSM30
Other: as 'Mythril Knives'

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: ATK 4, Parry 5% (when available)
Range: horizontal 1, vertical up 2, vertical down 3
Equip (job): Squire, Chemist, Thief, Orator, Ninja, Dancer, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Squire (Ramza), Machinist, Game Hunter, Templar, Sky Pirate
Equip (enemy): level 3
Buy: 5500 gil (sell: 250 gil)
Shop: (available after Eagrose in ch1) Gariland, Lesalia, castles, towns and cities
Description: A sturdy, well-balanced knife forged from the featherlight metal known as mythril.
Other: can be used with Dual Wield and Throw

Airborne Brigade


Type: Dagger, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Cost: 15
Attack: 1,270 (lv1), ? (lv80), ? (lv100), ? (lv120), ? (lv140), 8,980 (lv160)
Defense: 1,240 (lv1), ? (lv80), ? (lv100), ? (lv120), ? (lv140), 8,770 (lv160)
Obtain: event: (unknown, was from FF25th anniversary pre-event in JP version)

Type: Dagger, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Cost: 11
Attack: ? (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), ? (lv90), ? (lv105), ? (lv120)
Defense: ? (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), ? (lv90), ? (lv105), ? (lv120)
Obtain: event: (unknown, was from FF25th anniversary pre-event in JP version)

All the Bravest

Stats: ATK +1, From: FF1
Equip: Thief, Dancer, Locke Cole, Rinoa Heartilly
Drop: Goblin
Description: This dagger is made from a rare and precious metal, yet still has a modest look.



Stats (lv1): STR +25
Stats (lv10): STR +43
Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Obtain: South Rabanastre Plains
Alchemy: Knife, Green Drop x2
Use: Air Knife
Type: Dagger, Rarity: ★★, Element: -

Record Keeper


Mythril Knife (II)
Stats: ATK +11, ACC 86 (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ATK +33, ACC 86 (lv15)
Max Level: lv5 (initial), lv10 (first evolving), lv15 (second evolving)
Type: Dagger, Rarity: ★★

Category: Equipment

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