Mage Masher

メイジマッシャー [mage masher] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

Stats: ATK +20, ACC +20
Equip: ?
Obtain: ?
Description: A knife that casts Silence when used

Final Fantasy IV

Stats: ATK 35, ACC 110, INT +3, SPD +3
Equip: Cecil, Edge, Kain, Rosa, Rydia
Buy: - (sell: 6,500 gil)
Treasure: Sylph Cave B2
Other: 1.5x damage to mages

Final Fantasy V

Stats: ATK +28, MAG +1
Equip: most jobs
Buy: 900 gil (sell: 450 gil)
Shop: Jachol
Other: sometimes silences target, can be used with Spellblade

Final Fantasy IX


Stats: ATK 14
Equip: Zidane
Buy: 500 gil (sell: 250 gil)
Abilities: Flee, Detect
Shop: Dali (equipment shop), Lindblum (Dragoos' shop (disc 1-2)), Treno (equipment shop, knight equipment shop (disc 3)), Black Mage Village (equipment shop (disc 3)), Madain Sari (Morrison's shop), Daguerreo (equipment shop (disc 3)), Ipsen's Castle (Kumool's mogshop), Bran Bal (Moorock's mogshop)
Steal: Masked Man
Treasure: Ice Cavern (SW of the second screen, have Vivi create a way)
Use: Butterfly Sword, The Ogre (x2), Exploda
Description: Weapon originally used for combating mages
Type: Dagger
Other: inflicts Silence with 20% probability when Add Status is active

Final Fantasy XII

Stats: ATK 19, EVA 5
Range: 1, Charge time: 25, Combo chance: 7, Knockback chance: 0
Buy: 700 gil (sell: 350 gil)
Other: A 15% chance to Silence enemy

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: ATK 4, Parry 5% (when available), 25% chance of Silence
Range: horizontal 1, vertical up 2, vertical down 3
Equip (job): Squire, Chemist, Thief, Orator, Ninja, Dancer, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Squire (Ramza), Machinist, Game Hunter, Templar, Sky Pirate
Equip (enemy): level 11
Buy: 1,500 gil (sell: 750 gil)
Shop: (available after Lenalian Plateau in ch1) Gariland, Lesalia, castles, towns and cities
Description: Created especially for the purpose of fighting mages, this knife has the power to silence its target.
Other: can be used with Dual Wield and Throw

Crystal Chronicles

Stats: MAG +1
Obtain: River Belle Path, cycle 1
Other: an Artifact

Airborne Brigade


Type: Dagger, Element: -, Growth: Fast, Cost: 14
Attack: 1,100 (lv1), 3,616 (lv80), ? (lv100), ? (lv120), 4,437 (lv140), 4,670 (lv160)
Defense: 1,100 (lv1), 3,647 (lv80), ? (lv100), ? (lv120), 4,475 (lv140), 4,710 (lv160)
Obtain: any chest that gives this rank

Type: Dagger, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Cost: 9
Attack: 670 (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), 3,003 (lv90), ? (lv105), 3,790 (lv120)
Defense: 630 (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), 2,821 (lv90), ? (lv105), 3,560 (lv120)
Obtain: any chest that gives this rank

All the Bravest

Stats: ATK +3, From: FF4
Equip: Thief, Dancer, Locke Cole, Rinoa Heartilly
Drop: Jackanapes
Description: This blade deprives those it cuts of speech, preventing spells. Enjoy the silence.

Record Keeper


Mage Masher (IV)
Stats: ATK +18, ACC 89 (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ? (lv15), ATK +44, ACC 89 (lv20)
Max Level: lv10 (initial), lv15 (first evolving), lv20 (second evolve)
Type: Dagger, Rarity: ★★★
Other: occasionally inflicts Silence (low chance)


Mage Masher (IX)
Stats: ATK +65, ACC 95 (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ? (lv15), ? (lv20), ? (lv25), ATK +109, ACC 95 (lv30)
Max Level: lv20 (initial), lv25 (first evolve), lv30 (second evolve)
Type: Dagger, Rarity: ★★★★★
Other: enables use of the limit attack Magic Buster


Mage Masher (XII)
Stats: ATK +11, ACC 86 (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ATK +33, ACC 86 (lv15)
Max Level: lv5 (initial), lv10 (first evolve), lv15 (second evolve)
Type: Dagger, Rarity: ★★

Category: Equipment

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