Leather Plate

レザープレイト [leather plate] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX

Stats: DEF +8, halve Ice
Equip: Zidane, Vivi, Garnet (Dagger), Quina, Eiko, Amarant
Abilities: Chakra
Buy: 530 gil (sell: 265 gil)
Shop: Lindblum (Dragoos' shop (disc 1-2)), Treno (equipment shop), Black Mage Village (equipment shop)
Steal: Black Waltz 2
Treasure: Lindblum business district church (disc 1)
Obtain: initial equip on Marcus
Description: Plate worn for combat
Type: Clothing

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: HP +18
Equip (job): Squire, Chemist, Archer, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Thief, Orator, Mystic, Geomancer, Ninja, Arithmetician, Bard, Dark Knight, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Squire (Ramza), Squire (Delita), Squire (Argath), Princess, Machinist, Astrologer, Cleric, Game Hunter, Skyseer, Netherseer, Sky Pirate, Sword Saint, Soldier, Divine Knight
Equip (enemy): level 5
Buy: 500 gil (sell: 250 gil)
Shop: (available after Sand Rat's Sieve in ch1) Gariland, Trade cities, Towns and cities
Description: The many layers of leather used in this battle clothing make it very sturdy.

Category: Equipment

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