Judicer's Staff

裁きの杖 [sabaki no tsue] or 'judgment staff' in Japanese. See also Judgment Staff.

Final Fantasy XII

Stats: ATK 43, EVA 8, MAG 7
Range: 1, Charge time: 34, Combo chance: 0, Knockback chance: 10
Buy: 5,700 gil (sell: 2,850 gil)
Other: A 15% chance to cast Stop on the enemy

All the Bravest

Stats: ATK+8, Number: P14, From: FF5
Equip: White Mage, Devout, Sage, Rydia, Krile Baldesion, Eiko Carol, Yuna
Drop: Dark Flan
Description: Though normally wrong to judge others, holding this staff authorizes you to do so.

Record Keeper


Judicer's Staff (XII)
Stats: ATK +35, ACC 95, MAG +67, MND +84 (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ? (lv15), ? (lv20), ? (lv25), ATK +65, ACC 95, MAG +117, MND +135 (lv30)
Max Level: lv20 (initial), lv25 (first evolve), lv30 (second evolve)
Type: Staff, Rarity: ★★★★★
Other: enables use of the War Dance Soul Break when equipped by Penelo

Category: Equipment

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