Japa Mala

百八の数珠 [hyakuhachi no juzu] or 'rosary of the 108'. Rosary here refers to buddhist rosaries/prayer beads, and 108 is the number of kleshas, the worldly thoughts and passions in buddhist belief. Consequently, 'Japa Mala' is the sanskrit word for this type of rosaries.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: boosts all elements, immunity to Undead, Vampire, Toad and Poison
Equip: all but Mime
Equip (enemy): level 25
Buy: 15,000 (sell: 7,500 gil)
Shop: (available after Orbonne Monastery in ch3) everywhere
Description: A string of prayer beads made from 108 ftruits of the sacred fig tree.

Category: Equipment

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