Hermes Sandals

エルメスの靴 / エルメスのくつ[hermes no kutsu] or 'Hermes Shoes' in Japanese. The item is known by that name in some translations. Usually, this item will cast Haste on the user or wearer.
An item version of this equipment exists. It can be found here.

Final Fantasy V

Stats: MDEF 3, weight +1
Equip: all
Buy: 50,000 gil (Sell: 25,000 gil)
Shop: Phantom Village
Treasure: The Rift (castle area)
Other: has the effect of Auto-Haste

Final Fantasy VI

Stats: -
Equip: all
Obtain: ?
Description: Winged sandals enchanted with Haste. Casts Haste on the wearer

Final Fantasy IX

Stats: SPD +2, EVA +4, MEVA +4
Equip: all
Abilities: Haste, Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion
Buy: - (sell: 16,500 gil)
Synthesize: Battle Boots, Emerald, 12,000 gil (Black Mage Village Black Cat synthesis shop (disc 4))
Treasure: visit Quan's Dwelling after Mt Gulug with Vivi and Quina in the party and inspect the grandfather clock
Obtain: win against Amdusias in Knight House Fight Club of Treno on disc 3 (second fight)
Description: Shoes that allow you to walk with light steps
Type: Accessory
Other: as 'Running Shoes'

Final Fantasy XII

Stats: -
Buy: 20,000 gil (sell: 10,000 gil)
Other: casts Haste on the wearer

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Hermes Sandals
Slot cost: 30
Ability: Critical Haste, Accessory Ability Group: Low HP Power Surge
Buy: 20,000 gil (sell: 10,000 gil)
Treasure: Vile Peaks (10 AF)
Drop: Don Tonberry (3%), Metallicactuar, Metalligantuar (5%)
Description: ?

Delicate Hermes Sandals
Slot cost: 25
Ability: Critical Weak Haste, Accessory Ability Group: Low HP Power Surge
Buy: 10,000 gil, Hermes Sandals, Tear of Woe (sell: 5,000 gil)
Description: ?

Durable Hermes Sandals
Slot cost: 65
Ability: Critical Haste, Auto-Haste, Accessory Ability Group: Low HP Power Surge
Buy: 40,000 gil, Hermes Sandals, Sunpetal x2, Trapezohedron (sell: 20,000 gil)
Description: ?

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DEF 4, EVA +1, Output +1
Equip: lv 1 (optimal), all
Buy: - (Sell: 0 gil)
Obtain: create a character after linking your SE Account with your active FF11 account
Type: Shoes, Unique/Untradable, Meld: No, Convert: No
Description: Named after an elder god, all but forgotten in the modern age, these gold-tipped shoes have been crafted with the lightest of leathers, making them optimal for use by heralds and noterunners.
Other: gives wearer the effect of Quick for 30 min every 24 hours. Unequip to start your charging period
Other: as Hermes' Shoes

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: Speed +1
Equip: all but Mime and Dragonkin
Equip (enemy): -
Buy: 7,000 gil (sell: 3,500 gil)
Shop: (available after Rapha joins in ch3) everywhere
Description: Expensive shoes made by a famous cobbler.
Other: as 'Hermes Shoes'

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