Gridanian Radical

グリダニアンラディカル [gridanian radical] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DMG 65, MPOT +15, MACC +10, MCrit rate +25, PIE +3, delay 4.2, DPS 15.48, blunt
Equip: level 50 (required), CNJ, WHM
Buy: 4,500 Serpent Seal (sell: 0 gil)
Shop: The Order of the Twin Adder (Corporal)
Type: Two-handed Conjurer's Arm, Unique, Untradeable, Convert: No, Meld: No

A Realm Reborn


Stats: PDMG 30, MDMG 47, ATK 33.6, Delay 3.2, DPS 10, MND +11, VIT +11, Crit hit +17, when 2 or more Twin Adder uniform: SpSPD +19
Equip Level: 42, Equip On: CNJ, WHM
Item Level: 43, Rarity: Green
Buy: 3,530 Serpent Seal (sell: 248 gil)
Shop: Serpent Quartermaster (Adders' Nest)
Desynthesis: ?
Type: Two-handed Conjurer's Arm, Stack: 1, Unique: Yes, Untradeable: Yes, Binding: Yes
Dye: No, FC Crest: No, Materia Slots: No, Convert: No, Desynthesis: Yes
Repair: 200 gil / Grade 5, CRP32

Category: Equipment

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