Gogyo Sokoku

五行相剋 [gogyou soukoku] in Japanese. 五行 refers to the five Chinese elements (Fire, Wood, Earth, Water, Metal), and 相剋 means 'rivalry'.

A Realm Reborn


Stats: PDMG 67, MDMG 93, ATK 66.1, Delay 3, DPS 22.3, VIT +70, INT +81, Crit rate +48, SpSPD +68
Equip Level: 60, Equip On: ACN, SMN
Item Level: 170, Rarity: Blue
Buy: 140 Centurio Seal (sell: 1,364 gil)
Shop: Yolaine / Ishgard
Use: Gogyo Sokoku Kai
Desynth results: ?
Type: Arcanist's Grimoire, Stack: 1, Unique: Yes, Untradeable: Yes, Binding: Yes
Dye: No, FC Crest: No, Materia Slots: No, Convert: No, Desynthesis: Yes
Glamour: Grade 4 Alchemy, Repair: 120 gil / Grade 6, ALC50

Category: Equipment

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