Genji Shield

源氏の盾 / げんじのたて [genji no tate] or 'Genji shield' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

Stats: ATK +27, DEF +14, ACC +30, EVA +42
Equip: ?
Obtain: ?
Description: A heavy shield crafted in a distant land

Final Fantasy III


Stats: DEF 18, MDEF 13, weight 1, immunity to Poison, Blind, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Confuse and Death
Treasure: Cave of Shadows
Type: Shield

Final Fantasy IV

Stats: DEF 5, MDEF 3, EVA 36, MEVA 4
Equip: Cecil, Kain
Buy: - (sell: 12,000 gil)
Treasure: Lair of the Father B1
Obtain: starting armor on Kain (3rd time)
Other: prevents blind, break, mini, pig, stop, toad

Final Fantasy V

Stats: DEF 9, MDEF 1, EVA +50%, weight +6
Equip: Knight, Dragoon, Samurai, Berserker, Monk, Blue Mage, Mime, Cannoneer, Gladiator
Buy: - (Sell: 10,000 gil)
Steal: Gilgamesh / The Rift (final area)
Other: prevents mini, paralysis

Final Fantasy VI

Stats: DEF 54, MDEF 50, EVA +20, MEVA +20
Equip: Celes, Cyan, Edgar, Gau, Gogo, Locke, Mog, Relm, Setzer, Shadow, Strago, Terra
Obtain: ?
Description: Ancient shield from a foreign land

Final Fantasy XII

Stats: EVA 30, MEVA 5
Buy: - (sell: 0 gil)

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Genji Shield
Slot cost: 70
Ability: Resist Elements +16%, Accessory Ability Group: Warrior Wisdom, Warrior Spirit
Buy: 10,000 gil, Dark Matter, Scarletite x2 (sell: 5,000 gil)
Description: ?

Delicate Genji Shield
Slot cost: 30
Ability: Resist Elements +4%, Accessory Ability Group: Warrior Wisdom, Warrior Spirit
Buy: 5,000 gil, Genji Shield, Succulent Fruit x10, Malodorous Fruit x5 (sell: 2,500 gil)
Description: ?

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: phys EVA 43%, mag EVA 10%
Equip (job): Knight, Archer, Geomancer, Dragoon, Dark Knight, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Squire (Ramza, ch2+), Fell Knight, Holy Knight, Game Hunter, Templar, Sky Pirate, Sword Saint, Divine Knight, Ark Knight
Equip (enemy): -
Buy: - (sell: 5 gil)
Obtain: Rendezvous Mode multiplayer
Description: A pitch-black shield made by foreign craftsmen. It is made of iron and has a unique shape.
Other: other jobs can equip with the ability Equip Shields

Record Keeper


Genji Shield (IV)
Stats: DEF +62, MDEF +39, EVA 108 (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ? (lv15), ? (lv20), ? (lv25), DEF +102, MDEF +64, EVA 108 (lv30)
Max Level: 20 (initial), 25 (first evolve), 30 (second evolve)
Type: Shield, Rarity: ★★★★★

Category: Equipment

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