Gae Bolg

Gáe Bolg is a spear from Irish mythology, and bears the meaning of 'spear of death' or 'belly spear'. It was owned by Cúchulainn, and made from the bone of the sea monster Coinchenn. Sometimes it's said that when it is thrust into a body it opens into thirty barbs and is just about impossible to remove without cutting the body open. In some other versions, it's a spear with seven heads, with just about the same effect.
ゲイボルグ [gae bolg] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIII

Type: Spear, Equip: Fang, Rank: 5
Levels: 1-21, Exp to Max: 70,850, Synthesis Group: Positive Effect
Stats (min): STR 23, MAG 12
Stats (max): STR 103, MAG 92
Abilities: Improved Counter
Buy: 13,100 gil (sell: ?)
Shop: Plautus's Workshop
Treasure: Palumpolum (West Avenue)
Upgrade: Gungnir
Dismantle: (at max level) Smooth Hide, Bestial Claw x7
Description: Once the property of a hero doomed to wade through blood, this well-used weapon almost seems to leap back at attackers of its own accord

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DMG 164, ACC +30, Crit attack +100, Crit rate +30, Store TP +30, delay 3.9, DPS 42.05, piercing, Increases Jump damage
Equip: level 50 (required), DRG
Buy: - (sell: 0 gil)
Obtain: A Relic Reborn (DRG path)
Type: Lancer's Arm, Unique, Untradeable, Convert: No, Meld: No

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: ATK 24, Parry 15% (when available)
Range: horizontal 1-2, vertical up 3, vertical down 3
Equip (job): Dragoon, Onion Knight
Equip (character): Sky Pirate, Divine Knight
Equip (enemy): -
Buy: - (sell: 5 gil)
Obtain: Melee Mode multiplayer
Description: A spear said to have been wielded by a child of the gods. Merely lifting it requires great strength.
Other: other jobs can equip with the ability Equip Polearms
Other: can be used with Doublehand

Category: Equipment

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