Force Shield

Final Fantasy V

Stats: DEF 15, AGI -5, EVA +10%, weight +15%
Equip: Knight, Dragoon, Samurai, Berserker, Monk, Blue Mage, Mime, Cannoneer, Gladiator
Buy: - (Sell: 5 gil)
Drop: Omega MKII / Bonus Dungeon (Tomb of Memory-Throne Room)
Other: protects against all elemental attacks

Final Fantasy VI

Stats: MDEF 70, MEVA +50
Equip: Celes, Cyan, Edgar, Gau, Gogo, Locke, Mog, Relm, Setzer, Shadow, Strago, Terra
Obtain: ?
Description: Shield that defends only against magic
Other: Learn Shell x5
Other: Halve Earth, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water and Wind

Category: Equipment

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