Crown of Spirits

精霊の王冠 [seirei no oukan] or 'king's crown of spirits' in Japanese. Note that this equip did not originate in the Final Fantasy series, but was instead added during a collaboration event with the Legend of Mana series.

Record Keeper


Crown of Spirits (I)
Stats: DEF +57, MDEF +79, EVA 105, MAG +20, MND +20 (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ? (lv15), ? (lv20), ? (lv25), DEF +82, MDEF +129, EVA 105, MAG +30, MND +30 (lv30)
Max Level: lv20 (initial), lv25 (first evolve), lv30 (second evolve)
Type: Hat, Rarity: ★★★★★
Other: Sleep status resist (effect: small)
Other: enables use of the Healing Water Soul Break when equipped
Other: provided both an EX (event) and FF1 resonance boost when first released, but after event's end now has only FF1 resonance

Category: Equipment

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