Collector Catalog

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Collector Catalog
Slot cost: 75
Ability: Item Scavenger II, Gilfinder II, Accessory Ability Group: -
Buy: - (sell: 10,000 gil)
Obtain: Chocobo Race reward Dahaka Stakes
Description: ?

Delicate Collector Catalog
Slot cost: 50
Ability: Item Scavenger, Gilfinder, Accessory Ability Group: -
Buy: 20,000 gil, Collector Catalog, Tear of Woe (sell: 10,000 gil)
Description: ?

Durable Collector Catalog
Slot cost: 100
Ability: Item Scavenger MAX, Gilfinder MAX, Item Collector, Accessory Ability Group: -
Buy: 40,000 gil, Collector Catalog, Sunpetal x2, Phoenix Blood x2 (sell: 20,000 gil)
Description: ?

Lightning Returns

Stats: Item duration +25%
Treasure: Dead Dunes / Temple Ruins (floor 3)

Category: Equipment

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