Cannon Ball

キャノンボール [cannon ball] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy VII


Stats: ATK 23, Hit 98%, MAG +2
Slots: 2+1, Growth: Normal
Equip: Barret Wallace
Buy: 950 gil (Sell: ?)
Shop: Kalm

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Stats (Default): ATK 65, MATK 17
Stats (Max): ATK 117, MATK 31, MP +28
Slots (Default): 2+1+1, Slots (Max): 2+2+2
Weapon Skill: Smackdown
Weapon Lv1 Upgrades (10 SP): ATK +6, ATK +6, MATK +6, Enhanced Attack (Attack dmg +5%), ATB Charge Rate Up (ATB charge spd +10%)
Weapon Lv4 Upgrades (14 SP): Buff Extension (buff duration +10%), Enhanced Magic Guard (mdmg -10% when guarding), Enemy Parts Damage Up (dmg to parts +10%), New Materia Slot, New Materia Slot
Weapon Lv5 Upgrades (16 SP): ATK +8, ATK +8, ATK +8, MATK +8, Enhanced Limit Breaks (LB dmg +10%), Bloodsucker (recover HP when defeating enemy), Stagger Siphon (recover HP when using unique ability on staggered enemy), Ability Critical Hit Rate Up (ability crit rate +10%)
Weapon Lv 6 Upgrades (18 SP): ATK +8, ATK +8, MP Recovery Up (MP regen spd +10%), Reprieve (survive a deadly attack with 1 HP), New Materia Slot, New Materia Slot
Type: Gun-arm, Equip: Barret Wallace
Buy: 2,000 gil (sell: -)
Shop: Shinra Building 63F (only if you missed it from the sidequest)
Obtain: complete sidequest Subterranean Menace
Description: A close-combat weapon capable of pulverizing enemies with a sphere of solid steel.
Other: as 'Wrecking Ball'

Category: Equipment

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