Big Bertha

ラージマウス [large mouse] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Stats (Default): ATK 45, MATK 30
Stats (Max): ATK 93, MATK 62, HP +1,250
Slots (Default): 2+1, Slots (Max): 2+2+2
Weapon Skill: Maximum Fury
Weapon Lv1 Upgrades (10 SP): ATK +8, MATK +10, HP +250, HP +250, HP +250, New Materia Slot
Weapon Lv4 Upgrades (12 SP): Dominant Physical Offense (ATK +5 when HP>75%), Dominant Magic Offense (MATK +5 when HP>75%), Desperate Physical Defense (DEF +10 when HP<25%), Desperate Magic Defense (MDEF +10 when HP<25%), Trade-Off (MP recovery when taking dmg), Desperate Recovery (self-healing +50% when HP<25%)
Weapon Lv5 Upgrades (14 SP): ATK +10, ATK +10, MATK +10, HP +250, Enhanced Limit Breaks (LB dmg +5%), Desperate Limit Breaks (LB dmg +5% when HP<25%), New Materia Slot, New Materia Slot
Weapon Lv 6 Upgrades (16 SP): ATK +10, ATK +10, MATK +12, HP +250, Elemental Defense Up (elemental def +5%), New Materia Slot, New Materia Slot
Type: Gun-arm, Equip: Barret Wallace
Buy: 2,500 gil (sell: -)
Obtain: Sector 6 Slums Evergreen Park weapons dealer (ch13-14), Shinra Building 63F
Description: A firearm that boasts unrivaled destructive force. Found in the slums' black market.

Category: Equipment

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